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Why are there no PvE Schematic Gear Boxes?

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Why are there no PvE Schematic Gear Boxes?

bucksniper's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:04 PM | #1
Why are there no campaign gear boxes available for non-PvP players?

Currently PvP players, or any player with 50K credits, can obtain Battlemaster and War Hero Schematic Boxes to craft augmented versions of the purchasable sets. However, only players with the required valor (60 for BM and 70 for WarH) can wear the visually appealing gear, and augmented variants.

PvE players should have the same equivalent visual gear options as PvP players are offered, and the ability to wear visually identical tier gear with augment slots without spending time in PvP (to reach specified valor level).

I simply want to be able to wear augmented gear that is visually Identical to end game PvE gear
Please consider implementing Rakata and Campaign Schematic Gear Boxes into the game, or remove the valor requirements on the existing bm and warhero box sets.

This is purely about aesthetics, and not stats.

Thank you for your time and please leave a comment if you agree with this proposition.

Butkus/Snowbunny - Sword of Ajunta Pall (republic)

Karl-Just-Karl's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:17 PM | #2
Thumbs up. Such a simple idea, I can't figure out how it hasn't come up before.

evanfardreamer's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:31 PM | #3
I would support this only if it lagged behind the current end-game set by one tier. The craftable PVP gear still requires the wearer to have the appropriate valor rank - this simply allows them to have someone else, perhaps more interested in crafting (or with a skill they don't have) to get the very best out of the best gear available.

The PvE sets, on the other hand, currently have no way (that I'm aware of) to distinguish the wearer as a hardcore, casual, or nonexistent raider. Being able to show off your raiding gear is important to some people, and looking the part means not having every Tomm, Dyck and Jain(a) being able to look the same with minimal expenditure.