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Crafting in this game is still terrible

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Crafting in this game is still terrible

DiabloMuerto's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 11:40 AM | #1
I really just don't like all the randomness at all. It's a bit too much to go into and it's been discussed to death so I suppose there's no real need to anyway but honestly it's just ridiculous.

Even after the supposed buff to the chance to learn new schematics from RE, I'm on RE number 20 as I type this on a pair of level 9 boots, which supposedly have a 20% chance to discover new schematic and I have yet to learn a single thing. If this is their idea of "greatly increased chance to learn new schematics" then they need to scrap this system entirely. I mean honestly, these are level 9 boots that I will out level the same day I start using them I'm sure, it should not take this long to get a schematic for items at this level. The money sink system that the missions are add insult to injury as I have to waste money on missions I don't need to get materials I do need.

The entire system is just annoying but the bottom line of it is that all the randomness of every aspect of their crafting system make it very frustrating. It's impossible to get a grip on how much of a material you need to achieve the results you want b/c of all the randomness. When I started I didn't think it would take anywhere near this long to get a new learn for a level 9 item that I could send to my alt, which as of yet I still haven't even got yet.