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Freezing when interacting with items

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Freezing when interacting with items

AuraeTwilight's Avatar

04.24.2012 , 04:09 PM | #1
Ever since patch 1.2, I have been constantly having freezing issues when dealing with items.
I would experience a brief game freeze when I
Loot an item from a corpse
Loot an item in the mail
Select an item to be placed in the mail
Send the actual mail with items (and freeze delay lasts longers on mail since its multiple items)
Tell my companion to craftsomething

This issue ONLY has occured after 1.2 was installed and I've been putting up with it for weeks and it's driving me nuts.

I have ran the repair utility
I have uninstalled, reboot, and reinstalled, patched completely.
I have ran check disk on my hard drive
Ran degrags of my hard drive

Anyone have suggestions (and no, I refuse to reinstall windows unless you can convince me that patch 1.2 is part of the windows updater)