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Well Done, BioWare

solidkjames's Avatar

04.24.2012 , 09:50 AM | #11
I keep seeing the excuse of not having the best gear as why people quit? That is utter b.s. Why do you need the best gear if you aren't progressing? Your character isn't gimped b/c pvp and pve gear are seperate so that's not a valid excuse. And by completing normal mode you can take mods out of your black hole gear and put them in your rakata/columi and essentially have the same gear level as Campaign gear. The everyone needs to wear the same gear crowd are the people that ruined WoW and every other progression based game before it, Bioware should look back at history and see that those games prime years were when people had things to progress too, not things handed to them and that is 100 percent fact.
May the common SENSE be with you, ALWAYS!

Kaonis's Avatar

04.24.2012 , 11:08 AM | #12
I've yet to do Denova (because BW refuses to fix server populations, so even amongst all the 50's on my server we generally lack the numbers to try anything), but as far as the new Fp, it's pretty terrible, why? Because BW decided to do a big kick to the junk for melee across the board. Pretty much every fight in there is arbitrarily harder if you bring a single melee for no other reason then bringing a melee. As a person who enjoys being up close and personal in combat, if the content is designed against me I'll quit simple as that.

The melee issue has been known since 1.1 and yet BW made the issue even worse. And with no word on server transfers for all the dead servers, it just seems like this game is hanging on to it's demise. It had potential to challenge WoW, but the devs dropped the ball horribly and now it'll be lucky to maintain any semblance of a decent population in the coming months.