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Rate the Consular story 1-10.

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Rate the Consular story 1-10.

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04.23.2012 , 03:53 PM | #1
Rate the Jedi Consular's storyline 1-10.
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04.23.2012 , 04:15 PM | #2
Worst in the 1 out of 10, IMO.
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04.23.2012 , 04:22 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Dyvim View Post
Worst in the 1 out of 10, IMO.
No that would be the smuggler.

I have a Shadow at 38 and a sage at 16. Not the best story line so far but not too bad.

6 out of 10.
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04.23.2012 , 04:27 PM | #4
Well, it's pretty tough to fairly rate the storylines compared to each other. The Consular story takes a more non-combat, bigger picture turn. After Act 1, you begin focusing on forming an army to defeat the Sith. Throughout the story, its not really "youyouyou" like some of the other storylines. It's focuses much more on the bigger picture and you are really just a piece in the puzzle.

For me, it's an 8/10. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like a more behind the scenes approach, then it's a fun storyline.
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04.23.2012 , 05:20 PM | #5
Just finished it Saturday night.

I would rate it 9/10, with the closing act.. I have enjoyed what parts I have seen in all 6 of my class stories tho. Well,,, the end is straight out of the movies, but, kinda.. Missing .. Something.. Maybe final closure? but they dont want you to stop playing.

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04.23.2012 , 06:19 PM | #6
Just hit lv 50, but havent completed the entire story yet (on Voss still actually) and I have to say that I really enjoyed the class quests a lot. If you enjoyed the KOTOR I & II stories I think you should definitely give this story a try because it really hits the elements of what makes a good RPG well.

Also i'm an IR student so, without giving some of the plot away, this class was especially cool to me. But for any Star Wars fan the class story is definitely a 8/10 at the least.

BTW: I've enjoyed the entire story so far, but it really picks up after lv 30.
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04.23.2012 , 06:51 PM | #7
It doesn't start out well but gets a whole lot better later on. I'm on Correllia now and can't wait to see how it finishes.

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04.24.2012 , 03:51 AM | #8
I quite enjoyed it, I would say 7/10.

It would be 10 but Act 1 isn't that great, Act 2 and 3 are a lot better.

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04.24.2012 , 04:06 AM | #9
i liked the story. i give it 9 out of 10.
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04.24.2012 , 04:11 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by RTCBrad View Post
I quite enjoyed it, I would say 7/10.

It would be 10 but Act 1 isn't that great, Act 2 and 3 are a lot better.
I'm glad you said that, I've had my Sage and Shadow since December and still haven't had the will until this week to push them any further than Tatooine. The story just feels so...dull, there's no connection with the player.

I think the biggest problem with both Jedi storylines is that we get knighted far too soon. I recently rolled my first Imperial character, a Warrior, and the constant strive for progression really draws you in.

So far, I'm rating it maybe 3 out of 10: the female voice acting saves it in my opinion. Looking forward to getting off of Chapter 1 and seeing the other two though, I'm hoping my rating will shoot up.

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