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[Idea] Competitive Flash Points and strong SW experience

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[Idea] Competitive Flash Points and strong SW experience

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12.17.2011 , 06:07 AM | #1
Unfortunately I can't seem to find the suggestion area. Maybe it was just during beta. I also wonder if Bioware reads or just moderates the forums.

Anyways. I had an idea. So far Bioware's story telling cut scenes are awesome for creating cinematic and entertaining scenes for the Players. You can get a great feel for heroic or villainous choices. Well after being in a few FP's and watching the intro of the final bosses. I was struck by a thought. An idea where I think would make this game have a very deep and rich rp scenes that are very exciting.

Competitive Flash Points. Not full PVP Warzones. but a Flash Point with NPC bosses and a big Climax tense climax. I'll outline a possible idea below to try and get across the concept. I will talk about it as a 2 man FP, but there is no reason it can't be 4.

Pre-Flash Point
Rep group and Imp group sign up to register for this kind of FP.
Theres all the standard cinematic stuff. Dialog, mission object scenes so etc.

Flash Point setup
There a total of 5 Bosses(can vary)
Both groups get a 5 Stack +2%/stack Damage/Reduction buff. Total of 10%

Each group travel's there part of the FP. Though often seeing each other at the Boss rooms. but separated by pit's, shields... stuff.

Flash Point Bosses
Each group goes as fast as they can to the boss. The first group to get to the boss(all group members get to the circle). Get's to fight the Boss.

The last group to show up to the boss room. Instead fights minions. A few waves of minions. Not as hard as the boss. but enough to delay them for the team to mostly down the boss.

The Boss team. Get's a blue item and loses 1 stack.
The non boss team. Will likely get a good lead to get to the next boss first.

This repeats until all bosses are down and both teams reach the Climax room.

The Climax
Over the period of conceptualizing this idea. I had many possibilities. I'm only presenting the first one. Which is a simple and common mini game.

At this point there are a few possible outcomes. Each getting different results.

Speed Run. Once team manages to get to the final objective so early. That they complete the objective and leave. Result is that they win with no other results.

Parlay Game. This result should come up the most. This is where end really makes the climax more exciting.

Both teams get an intro scene. Depending on who got their first will determine the starting order. The Players enter a game of Rock Paper Scissors speech tree. All players choose Dialog Tree options. Standard rolls for talking for your own side. The idea is that your team wants to outwit and unready the opponents. Leaving two out comes.

Clean sweep(3/3)
The enemy position is compromised. Either by where they are standing, mentally or whatever can work. Some event happens that let's the winners walk out with the objective complete.

Partial win(2/3) PVP
When this happens. Either team has the option to concede or go into PVP fight. Team with the RPS 2:3 advantage get's some kind of bonus. Maybe a droid stuns the losers for 10seconds. Maybe one of the Players is set flying down a pit and will need to jump or run up. Some for of disadvantage. Also don't forget the 5/stack buff or what's left it. This still counts.

The losers don't "die". It's more effective lose similar to a duel. A cut scene of the winners taking the item. Then the losers needing to leave as the winners exit is sealed.

Both sides are rewarded based on their performance.
group who killed bosses are rewarded with the gear.
group who one the objective get's commendations and stuff.
group who ended up getting horribly trounced might be rewarded with an abundance of XP. To represent a learning experience.

Why the idea
I love PVP. it's fun. I realized though that my opponents are faceless. They are mostly just classes. Even if I look at their names. They have no personality. They are just smart enemies that don't mean anything but competition. that's what a warzone is like.

On the other hand. To come one on one to see the face of the enemy and know who they are. The enemy isn't just a class. It's a person. It's an enemy and you ended up in a personal battle against them. You as the player won't be seeing the same end boss to a FP again and again. It will be a different experience. Especially if the Rock/Paper/scissors can have more tailored results based on the class.

I know there are a lot of problems that can come up, but all I presented was an outline concept. All I wanted to do was share the idea.