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Shinarika - Shadow Breaker [Ultimate Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin Guide]

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Shinarika - Shadow Breaker [Ultimate Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin Guide]

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04.23.2012 , 12:20 AM | #1
*NEW* PvE Deception / Infiltration Update - 3/29/2014

Credit to IInox for the update to this section. Please click here for the google drive version.

Build & Bonus Set
  • Lvl 50 Tionese/Columi/Rakata Stalker's set
  • Lvl 50 Black Hole/Campaing/Dread Guard Striker's set
  • Lvl 55 Arkanian/Underworld/Kell Dragon/Dread Forged/Dread Master Stalker's set

Bonus sets are
(2) Saber Strike hits restore 1 Force.
(4) Increases the critical chance of Thrash and Voltaic Slash or Double Strike and Clairvoyant Strike by 15%.

Nothing special to discuss here, second bonus set is good cause it gives +15% to our spam skill (~20% of dmg)

  • 1 AutoProc Power Relic
  • 1 AutoProc PriStat Relic

More information here:

Full Dread Master 81
Augments: 13x Willpower / 1x Accuracy rating

Stat | Rating Value | Percentage Value
Accuracy: 440 | 100,07%
Critical Rating: 525 | 29.72%
Surge Rating: 612 | 75.6%
Alacrity: 0 | 0
Power: A lot

I found how DPS changes with crit rating and 521crit rating is the theorycal (and average) BiS crit. Btw there is the usual range of crit rating where DeltaDPS<1, between 521 +/- (~70) crit. As you can see crit rating is higher than BiS 78 because surge rating is higher, so crits are more important.

Another thing is using full willpower augments with 510accuracy rating (5enhs/implants) is a DPS loss of ~2.5 so just use 408accuracy rating plus 1x accuracy augment. (Here is higher benefit because our main stat is going to be really high and crit'DR from its is higher

Full Dread Forged 78

Stat | Rating Value | Percentage Value
Accuracy: 470 | 100,43%
Critical Rating: 441 | 28,12%
Surge Rating: 470 | 72,96%
Alacrity: 0 | 0
Power: A lot

Using Ino's spreadsheet I found a range of crit rating between 441 - 482 that the DeltaDPS < 1 so I chose the 441 to be ""more safe"" (I mean power is ""sure"" boost). When 78 came out my first BiS was about swapping 2x mr augm into 2x accuracy to use 1 more surge enh but Ino's simulator showed it wasn't the best solution and I drop it but recently MrKnightraider is playing with the same set up and is having good result but Oofalong's simulator still shows a dps loss (at least, generally) the difference is really low and it's difficult to prove which one is the best set up, damn RNG!

Full Kell Dragon 75

Stat | Rating Value | Percentage Value
Accuracy: 430 | 99,95%
Critical Rating: 441 | 27,84%
Surge Rating: 430 | 72,01%
Alacrity: 0 |1 0
Power: A lot

Full Underworld 72

Stat | Rating Value | Percentage Value
Accuracy: 395 | ~99,50%
Critical Rating: 399 | ~25/26%
Surge Rating: 395 | ~71%
Alacrity: 0 | 0
Power: A lot

Augments: Willpower

Shadow Strike/Maul
This is the best damage dealer we have (high damage for just 12.5Force) and it must be used with Infiltration Tactics/Duplicity that reduces its cost by 75%.

Spinning Strike/Assassinate
This is our "Finisher" and it can be used with <=30% target's health, must be used at CD if possible.

One of the two semi-ranged (10m) istant skill that we can use, decent damage and must be used at CD with 2 stacks of Circling Shadow/Induction to reduce its cost by 50%)and 2 stacks of Clairvoyant/Voltage to grants at 100% 1 stack of Breaching Shadows/Static Charge.

Force Breach/Discharge
A non CD istant skill that can be used with 1+ stacks of Breaching Shadows/Static Charge, it must be used with 3 stacks to maximize dps and reduce its total fight cost, also the damage increase linearly with stacks so we have a tripled damage.

Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash
This is our spammable skill that builds Clairvoyant/Voltage and Circling Shadow/Induction for Project/Shock.

Spinning Kick/Spike
Our opener from stealth that ensures Infiltration Tactics/Duplicity.

Damage CDs
Battle Readiness/Overcharge Saber
A CD that improves our technique's procs (damage and %proc) and heals us for 15% of MaxHealth.

Force Potency/Recklessness
A CD that increase the critical chance of next Project/SHock and/or Force Breach/Discharge.

Force Cloak
When used, resets CD of Blackout, so gives more sustain at our burst damage phase.

It gives us istant 15Force and they proc Shadow's Respite/dark Embrace that gives +50% Force regen for 6seconds.

Mind Snap/Jolt - 10m 12s Interrupts casts/channels.
Phase Walk - 60m 45s Our teleport and gap closer.

Defensive Abilities
Resilience/Force Shroud
Removes all hostile removable effects and increases our chance to resist Force and tech attacks by 100% for 3 seconds.

Increases our ranged and melee defenses by 50% for 12 seconds.

Force of Will/Unbreakable Will
It immediately frees us of all incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

Opening Sequence
There are 2 openers viable, one opens with Spinning Kick/Spike other one is the classic opener that opens with Force Breach/Discharge.

The First one was suggested by Aranelde (I can wrong cause I don't remember, when mmo.mechanics is up I'll check it) at first look it's nice (I still use it) because it gives us one more Shadow Strike/Maul under Adrenal/Relic's buff but it can overcap more force than classic opener.

These two openers give pretty the same burst (Classic one is more ""solid""), it's difficult to check cause of our RGN dipendence, use what you like/prefer.

I will show just the Spike Opener because the classic one follows the priority list that I will show on sustained rotation.

Time Condition (If) | Skills
0s - Stealthed Spinning Kick/Spike
0s<1.5s - Relic, Adrenal, Battle Readiness/Overcharge Saber
1.5s - Shadow Strike/Maul
3s Infiltration Tactics/Duplicity up Shadow Strike/Maul *
3s 0 Breaching Shadow/Static Charge Force Potency/Recklessness during GCD then Force Breach/Discharge
3s - Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash
>=4.5s - Follow the Burst Phase priority until you have up your buffs

* That second Shadow Strike/Maul (you can think it has 9s of CD) must be used with Force Sinergy/Exploitive Strikes up!

I'll show you two different priority lists where the first is used when we have CDs/tools UP to maximize DPS and/or when we are in a phase of fight that needs a DPS focus (example: final phase of Soa on Eternity Vault); otherwise the Sustained Priority is used on each other situations.

On both situations you must mantain Clairvoyant/Voltage @2stacks which gives Shock a 100% chance to automatically trigger Breaching Shadow/Surging Charge and bypass its rate limit (=> more force Breach/Discharge per fight).

Another important thing is to use Shadow Strike/Maul (always with Infiltration Tactics/Duplicity up) while Force Sinergy/Exploitive Strikes is up (to have more chance to crit it), and it's triggered by Force Critical Hits.

Burst Phase Priority
Spinning Strike/Assassinate > Shadow Strike/Maul > Project/Shock @2stacks > Force Breach/Discharge @3stacks

Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash to mantain Clairvoyance/Voltage @2stacks which gives Shock a 100% chance to automatically trigger Breaching Shadow/Surging Charge and bypass its rate limit (=> more force Breach/Discharge per fight)

If you aren't so close to kill the target use Shadow Strike/Maul with Spinning Strike/Assassinate Force Sinergy/Exploitive Strikes up.

Sustained Priority
Force Breach/Discharge @3stacks > Project/Shock @2stacks > Spinning Strike/Assassinate > Shadow Strike/Maul

Force Breach/Discharge @3stacks > Project/Shock If proc of Shadow's Technique is on CD cause we must no waste any Breaching Shadow/Static Charge => more time to build another 3stacks => DPS loss.

Project/Shock @2stacks > Shadow Strike/Maul As above, Shadow Strike/Maul proc Circling Shadow/Induction, if we use Shadow Strike/Maul than Project/Shock we waste 1xCircling Shadow/Induction => +1 Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash to use => 23Force wasted => DPS loss .

Spinning Strike/Assassinate > Shadow Strike/Maul Spinning Strike/Assassinate has 6s of CD and when you have it up and Shadow Strike/Maul 's proc better to use Spinning Strike/Assassinate then Shadow Strike/Maul cause last one doesn't have a real CD (just use it in 9s)

To recap, we have 5 big rules to remember:

1. Force Breach/Discharge @3stacks
2. Use Project/Shock @2stacks @CD
3. Use Spinning Strike/Assassinate @CD
4. Shadow Strike just with its proc within 9s
5. Do not lose Clairvoyance/Voltage stacks


PvP with Semjase - 3/21/2014

Click Here for The Video
An update to the codex that focuses on gearing and combat mastery for the rising PvP Shadow / Assassin.

0:21 Ė 2:00: Combat Mastery (Tips, Guide)
2:01 Ė 4:13: Army of One Sneak Peak

Xinika Productions


The eternal path to gearing will live on as long as this game continues. Only the ilvl changes but the names generally remain the same. There are priorities to consider when gearing a Shadow / Assassin. The number one thing is what kind of playstyle do you choose to fit yourself into?

Burst-Type Assassins are great at small scale combat since they have the capability to down a target quick due to their high power output. However, they pale in the longrun compared to their DPS-Type counterparts that trade some of that small scale burst for more prolonged encounters on the battlefield.

Assassins / Shadows gearing for burst should place their gearing investments into low crit, high power. Crit should not drop lower than 21%.
  • Advanced Aptitude Mods
  • Advanced Adept Enhancements
  • Willpower Augments
  • Stalker MK-2 Motivator
  • Force-Mystic MK-1 Relay
  • Relic of Serendipitous Assault
  • Relic of Focused Retribution

Assassins / Shadows gearing for sustained damage should place their gearing investments into high crit, preferably 25% or higher.
  • Advanced Mettle Mods (BX ver)
  • Advanced Battle Enhancements
  • Willpower Augments
  • Stalker MK-1 Chip
  • Stalker MK-1 Motivator
  • Relic of Serendipitous Assault
  • Relic of Devastating Vengeance

Combat Mastery

Wisdom for the uprising Shadow / Assassin.

Wait before using abilities such as CrD. Bait the opponent's breaker.


Predictive Shrouds can avoid CC. Always know what your opponents can and cannot do.

Cloak + Mass Taunt
A useful tactic to get you out of combat without your foes utilizing the chance to heal themselves, thus giving you the advantage to reopen after their defensive cooldowns.

Mind Maze into CrD

An excellent way to make sure your opponent is locked down without visual sight on you until it's too late, allowing you the kill window.

Phase Walk
Optimal usage for Phase Walk varies based on the situation. There are times where you can use it to wait out an opponent's offensive / defensive cooldowns, other times to avoid heavy damage.

Never be Predictable
The one who is flexible will always triumph. You have to be willing to try new tactics, new strategies and face your fears.

There are multiple ways you can open as an Assassin based on the target you are pursuing. The only way to find the right one is to try something until it works.

Defensive, Offensively
Using your defensive cds such as Shroud or Cloak offensively can catch opponents off guard and pile an enormous amount of damage into them.

The next update will focus on PvE gearing.


*NEW* ONE WITH SIN - 8/2/2013
This update focuses on becoming one with your Assassin / Shadow. Becoming Ďoneí with the class is crucial if you are to master it in any form. Whether itís Warzones, Arena, Open PvP or Duels. The key to success as an Assassin or Shadow is understanding and respecting the class for what it is.

0:12 Ė 2:36: Gameplay
2:37 Ė 3:34: One With Sin (Commentary, Tips, Gameplay)
3:35 Ė 4:05: Gear (Optimization, Goal, Variations)

Xinika Productions


The Shadow / Assassin is a stealth class. By default it has the option to pick its fight(s). This means that one shouldnít zerg in like some swashbuckler. You need to be wise. Knowing when to attack and when not to would mean victory or defeat.


This class is strictly based on a spiked measure. It wears light armor. It can be easily destroyed by the player with the incorrect mentality. It is meant to avoid damage, not mitigate it. Mitigation is your absolute last form of defense. Your first form is making sure the enemyís attack does not connect.

Just take a look at some of the abilities

Cooldown: 120s
Increases your ranged and melee defenses by 50% for 12 seconds. Requires a melee weapon.

Force Shroud / Resilience
Cooldown: 60s
Removes all hostile removable effects and increases your chance to resist Force and tech attacks by 100% for 3 seconds. Does not break Stealth.

Low Slash
Force: 30
Cooldown: 15s
Range: 4 m
Slashes the target low, dealing 1953 - 2082 weapon damage and incapacitating the target for 4 seconds. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely. Requires a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff.

The theory of this class is based around chances to in-take no damage or shutdown the opponent from outputting their damage. Understanding this theory will drastically improve the way you play this class and set you on course to mastering it.

Damage and Tanking
This class is not a pure damage dealing or tanking class. This is very important to keep in mind. It has the ability to do spike damage or spike tanking in select situations. There are times when your damage matters, other times when it pales in comparison to what others have to offer. Same applies with tanking. It cannot accurately tank without shutting down something first.

Lose the Ego

It's important as a Shadow / Assassin how others interact with you. Do not be overconfident. If you believe there is a battle you cannot win, then simply step aside. You donít have to prove yourself to anyone. Your class is based on opportune moments, not honorary gains. Take the chance only if you feel the moment is right. Sooner you realize this, the more versatile you will become.

A vital factor of how opponents react to you is your movement. Unbinding the S Key would be a large step in this aspect. You need to slither around corners, move in and out of opponents and frankly annoy them to the point of no return. Remember, you must do damage, but they must not.


There are abilities to mitigate damage and promote damage (IE: Blackout / Darkswell or Force Recklessness) However, these abilities should be used wisely, not recklessly. This is the least forgiving class. A simple mistake can cost you everything. Be patient, keep a cool head and never get emotional.


PVE ESSENTIALS - 7/23/2013

This section is solely dedicated to PvE only. Here you will find information on gearing, rotation, specs and additional tips.


DPS-Balance / Madness
Spec: 8/2/36

General Rotation:
Force Potency
Force Breach
Double Strike
Sever Force
If your first DS proced Force Strike then,
Relic, Adrenal, Battle Readiness
Mind Crush
If you didn't proc Force Strike with DS then,
DS until you proc Force Strike then pop cooldowns and Mind Crush

After this it is just a matter of using FiB on cooldown and maintaining your 3 dots, then DS and Saber Strike will be used as filler. In order to play optimally it is 'absolutely' critical that you don't clip your dots. You will want to reapply the moment they fall off and not any sooner. Another thing to note is that you need to have the force available to reapply your dots. This may seem obvious, but you need to make sure that you are weaving in Saber Strikes if you get low on force.

- mmerry
Understanding more behind the Balance Rotation...
The balance sustained dps rotation operates around the 18s DoTs. If you view the rotation as a series of 12 attacks and the 13th one is repeating the first, then try to look at them all as placements where the DoTs never move from their location. Since the FiB is a 15s CD, it will slowly move its placement back 2 spots of the 12 for the following cycle. After 5 cycles, FiB will be exactly where it was for the first cycle. This is why it is not as you say where it will happen anyways. Actually, you will run into the same problem every 5 cycles or every 90s. Yes, while your opener misses 1 GCD of your DoT being applied, it is not comparable to the multiple times you would miss the DoT damage when you have to choose between a DoT or your FiB.

- Inovisible

DPS-Infiltration / Deception
Spec: 5/36/5

General Rotation:
1.Spinning Strike/Spike > (Relic, Adrenal, Battle Readiness/Overcharge Saber) > Shadow Strike/Maul

Then (with the normal priority)

2. Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash
3. Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash
4. Project/Shock
5. Force Breach/Discharge
6. Force Potency/Recklessness
7. Force Breach/Discharge

- IInox
Additional Rotation Information:
Force Breach/Discharge @3stacks > Project/Shock @2stacks > Shadow Strike/Maul > Spinning Strike/Assassinate

Force Breach/Discharge @3stacks > Project/Shock cause we must no waste any Breaching Shadow/Static Charge => more time to build another 3stacks => DPS loss.

Project/Shock @2stacks > Shadow Strike/Maul as above, Shadow Strike/Maul proc Circling Shadow/Induction, if we use Project/Shock than Shadow Strike/Maul we waste 1xCircling Shadow/Induction => +1 Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash to use => 23Force wasted => DPS loss
(if a burst phase you will use Shadow Strike/Maul > Project/Shock)

Shadow Strike/Maul > Spinning Strike/Assassinate as you can see Shadow Strike/Maul has more damage and more crit size (and less Force cost)

With new talent for Force Potency/Recklessness, we have to take a look of its CD when using Force Cloak to maximize efficiency of Shadows/Electric Ambush.
Start fight with Force Breach/Discharge thanks to talented Force Potency/Recklessness.

Tip: [No burst phase] If you have 1x Clairvoyant/Voltage and you see Project/Shock will be on CD for some seconds (< ~2s) and Infiltration Tactics/Duplicity is out of CD you can use Saber Strike to have more hit to proc Infiltration Tactics/Duplicity to use Shadow Strike/Maul to build the second Clairvoyant/Voltage.

On the 2nd full Rotation, we will have this situation:

2x Breaching Shadow/Static Charge
2x Clairvoyant/Voltage
Project/Shock on CD
NO proc for ShadowStrike/Maul
A lot Force

As you can imagine (and remembering the notes of priority list) we can use anything unless to overcap Force (nope!); so in this case, we can use Low Slash (=filler) that procs Infiltration Tactics/Duplicity then proceed with normal rotation.

(if a burst phase we can use Shadow Strike/Maul with proc > Spinning Strike/Assassinate >Low Slash then Shadow Strike/Maul > Clairvoyant Strike/Voltaic Slash )

having these CDs (better to use at same time):

(Prototype Nano-Infused Resolve Stim up)

1. Battle Readiness/Overcharge Saber
2. Relic
3. Force Potency/Recklessness (to crit Force Breach/Discharge and/or Project/Shock)
4. Prototype Nano-Infused Attack Adrenal (power, power, power and POWER!)

and these tools to manage Force regen:

1. Force Cloak (when used, resets CD of Blackout, use it when Blackout is on CD)
2. Blackout

- llnox

DPS Stats
Strength 155
Power 1586 (Stack Power)
Force Power 2012 (from weapons)
Crit Rating 285 - 399
Surge Rating 395
Accuracy 395
Alacrity 0

Augments / Armoring / Enhancements / Mods / Set Bonus





Set Bonus



TANK-Kinetic Combat / Darkness
Spec: 37/5/4
Variant: 37/5/4

General Rotation:
The attack priority for ST is...

(Spinning Strike)*
Force Breach (for debuff)
HSx3 TkT
Slow Time
(Spinning Strike)*
Shadow Strike (with proc)
Double Strike
Saber Strike

* Choose one or the other for Spinning Strike; placing it at the top will cause a minute drop in survivability but a much larger DPS increase whereas placing it lower will keep mitigation the same but provide a smaller DPS benefit

For AoE...

Force Breach
Slow Time
HSx3 TkT
Whirling Blow
Saber Strike

- Kitru
Gear priority is pretty simple: don't take any accuracy or alacrity gear, use all Force Wielder armorings, Bastion and Bulwark enhancements (Immunity and Sturdiness 66s are actually better than the Bastion/Bulwark 69s, but that's only applicable for entry level gearing), and, until such time that they fix our spikiness, use B variant mods (when/if they fix our spikiness, use unlettered mods).

For relics, the BIS are the Ephemeral Healing relic (i.e. heal proc relic) and the Fortunate Redoubt relic (i.e. def proc relic). The third best is the Shield Amplification relic (i.e. abs proc relic) which is what you want to use until you can get a def proc relic. If you don't have an Ephemeral Healing relic, the Shrouded Crusader (i.e. shield/abs use relic) is an acceptable choice otherwise (and is actually better for situations where you have to deal with *massive* spikiness at intervals of 40-59 seconds, which don't currently exist).

- Kitru
Mitigation / Stat Distribution:
- KeyboardNinja

In-Depth Tank Essentials:
- insaneric

TANK Stats
3523 Endurance
860 Shield Chance
1152 Absorption
527 Defense Chance
0 Accuracy / Alacrity


Augments / Armoring / Enhancements / Mods / Set Bonus





Set Bonus


Shadow Abilities

Assassin Abilities


mmerry, insaneric, KeyboardNinja, Kitru, llnox



In hopeful cheer of an eventual arena system, this video takes its own stand. Included are some 1vX, 2v2, 3v3 and 2vX battles paired with tips, cliff notes and pointers on why or what to do in select, dynamic situations. This video contains less vanity, but can be very helpful to those learning Assassin / Shadow PvP. Sit back and enjoy!

0:06 - 2:47 - 2v2, 3v3, Cliff Notes.
2:50 - 5:14 - 1v2, 1v1, 2vX, 3vX, Tips, Cliff Notes.

SPEC [Deception/Infiltration]

Xinika Productions


SHADOW / ASSASSIN CODEX 2.1+ - 5/31/2013

For Tank Shadows / Sins, please refer to Zabuza's collection of Tank wisdom:

0:00 - 2:13 : Gameplay
2:13 - 2:20 : Mods, Enhancements, Augments
2:21 - 2:26 : Stats to Aim For
2:27 - 3:13 : Gameplay

Welcome to the new 2.1+ Shadow / Assassin Codex. Iíd like to get straight down to business. Topics that will be covered will include the following:

- Stats
- Gear (Min/Max)
- Specs
- Notes
- Armory


Now the stat section of the Assassin / Shadow has been changed not too drastically since the expansion, but enough to make some scratch their heads as to where to go or where not too. Luckily it isnít as uniform as it was before, but there is a general rule of thumb for each DPS spec.

Basically, here are the stats you want to aim for (Assuming, all buffs)

1262-1565 Damage
95 - 97% Accuracy
21.50 - 23% Crit
72 - 75% Surge
1072 - 1200 Bonus Damage (Force)
2018 Expertise

This setup ensures that you have enough burst damage with consistency to follow. Iíve been using this and generally topping charts even sometimes on node defense. It is the perfect balance to hit the smooth spots required.

Next weíre going to cover the gear section. I automatically assume that you will be aiming for full Conqueror gear. If you arenít, then you should. Now letís move onto the more important matter pertaining to gear. First, Iíd like to show you the difference between geared vs undergeared. (Note: These are averaged values, not direct.)

Now let's start with the initial difference.

+8 Armor
+9 Endurance
+8 Willpower
+3 Power
+4 Surge Rating

For the sake of saving time and making this easier for readers, let's convert the off stats to 1 stat: Off Stats. So basically, we'll combine Surge, Power, or Crit, Alacrity etc.

+8 Armor
+9 Endurance
+8 Main Stat
+7 Off Stats

Now this is 1 piece of gear, we have a total of 14 pieces to upgrade. So let's multiply these numbers by 14 for the full set.

14x8 = +112 Armor
14x9 = +126 Endurance
14x8 = +112 Main Stat
14x7 = +98 Off Stats

Now this is the shift from full Partisan to full Conq. Next, let's calculate the augment (purple) differences.

+20 Endurance
+32 Willpower

Now, let's multiply this by 14, because we need to augment all our gear.

20x14 = +280 Endurance
32x14 = +448 Main Stat (aka WP for me)

Now, let's total it together in order to find true values of geared people, vs entry-geared players. Remember, these values can change based on the player's profession. IE: Tank, more End.

+560 Main Stat
+406 Endurance
+112 Armor
+98~200 Off Stat

This is example math, but clearly, there is a major difference between entry-geared players, and not-even-optimized-but-geared players. Donít let anyone fool you, gear makes a tremendous difference.

Especially considering the fact that people do not die in one hit, so if you want additional math on the gear, multiply each hit you take to kill someone, times that by your entire team (X DPS on your team) and, in addition, multiple how many heals your healers take to heal you up in how many heals. Then, multiply that by how much absorb/end/mitigation your tanks have (1-2?) and now add that all up in comparison to the enemy team.

Additional Non-Average Math [Part v Conq]:
Helm, Chest, Gloves, Legs, Feet (x5)
+8 Armor
+9 Endurance
+8 Main Stat
+7 Off Stats

MH and OH (x2)
+5 Endurance
+7 Main Stat
+6 Off Stats
+96 Force Power

Belt and Bracers (x2)
+8 Armor
+7 Endurance
+6 Main Stat
+3 Off Stat

Relics (x2)
+5 Endurance
+0 Main Stat
+2 Off Stats

Earpiece (x1)
+7 Endurance
+7 Main Stat
+7 Off Stats

Implants (x2)
+10 Endurance
+7 Main Stat
+10 Off Stats.

+56 Armor, rather than +112 Armor
+106 Endurance, rather than +126 Endurance
+87 Main Stat, rather than +112 Main Stat
+84 Off Stats, rather than +98 Off Stats
+96 Force Power (not listed in the original model)

Now, letís focus on optimizing our gear to its full potential. We already know what stats we should aim for, but now, letís discuss what mods/enh are needed to get there. I automatically assume you will be using Conqueror armoring, so I will not go over that.

Prime Mods:

Prime Enhancements:

Notice a trend here? There are no high-WP mods. Why? Wait and see.

And that will be your reason why. All augments should strictly be WP, because this grants you access to be more flexible concerning your mods/enh. High WP-Mods are generalist in nature. They specialize in nothing, and therefore, will make it more strenuous to attain min/maxer stats.

KC/Darkness (Tank DPS): 36/5/5
Standard Tank Build designed for use with a generator. Warning, this spec with DPS gear may not be overly efficient for a specialist-based team.

Infiltration/Deception (Burst DPS): 7/36/3
DPS build with emphasis on heavy burst damage backed with respectable consistency and defensive output.

Balance/Madness (DoT DPS): 7/3/36
DPS build designed for harassment scaled encounters on multiple ranges.

The Shadow / Assassin in 2.0+ so far seem to have a solid spot as a DPS. Particularly, Deception / Infiltration are performing (at last) at a balanced level. Madness / Balance, however, are desperately lagging behind and are in need of some serious revamps.

Some changes Iíd recommend is to make the tree a lot more tanky. Have it perform similar to that of an Annihilation Marauder. Iíll get into that in more detail for another subject. It should also be noted that Darkness is performing on a solid level, though, lacking the absurd mitigation compared to that of a VG/PT Tank.

Overall, I think the state of the class is in a fine chapter. This is one of the better times weíve had since launch. Letís enjoy it.



Deception / Infiltration 2.0, Leveling Guide - 5/18/2013

This high-speed action video dedicates itself to splitting between entertainment and tutorial footage. Included in this video: Help with Rotation, Spec and some General Tips more geared toward the newer Assassin / Shadow. Along with, of course, some good ole assassination action.

0:00 - 2:10 : Gameplay
2:11 - 3:00 : Tutorial (General, Rotation, Spec, Tips)

SPEC [Deception/Infiltration]

Xinika Productions

2012 End-Year Guide


2012 1.65 Update


2012 1.6 Update


2012 Patch 1.3 Update


2012 Old Guide

Assassin Representative
Aeonneta | Shinarika | Semjase
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04.23.2012 , 01:23 AM | #2
Great as always but I just lost all desire to play dps shadow. Just seems silly when you can wear heavy and do more dps =( GG vanguard

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Great as always but I just lost all desire to play dps shadow. Just seems silly when you can wear heavy and do more dps =( GG vanguard
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Nice video!

But i would like to ask why dont you use single target taunt as you can use it 30m and no power cost and it dosent trigger global cooldown?

Allmost every assasin/shadow pvp vid i see lot off times people dont use it. I just wonder why? i dont see the down side off it as its nice to but on some dps hammering our healers. Just wonder have i missed some reson why most people dont user it?
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04.23.2012 , 05:52 AM | #5
I'm always taunting in all specs, all it does is lead to more medals
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Quote: Originally Posted by Exzileforgotten View Post
Great as always but I just lost all desire to play dps shadow. Just seems silly when you can wear heavy and do more dps =( GG vanguard
I have an assault VG and I do about the same Dmg and protection on both my VG and my balance shadow except my shadow gets more self heals. Assault VG is also pretty squishy especially since most Dmg in this game bypasses armor, unless you're tank spec you still die pretty quickly
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04.23.2012 , 05:58 AM | #7
Two thumbs up for this, well it's really 4 thumbs up using the ones from the feet as well!

Thanks for helping to keep the class alive, no matter the spec, how squishy we are, how low DPS we perform in tank compared to others, if we play to the full of our habilities we still are a great, deadly and useful class imo.

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Quote: Originally Posted by jbuschell View Post
Assault VG is also pretty squishy especially since most Dmg in this game bypasses armor, unless you're tank spec you still die pretty quickly
This is blantantly false. Armor is the single most important defensive stat, as very few skills, comparatively, bypass armor .

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Thank you very much for continuing to post videos and taking the effort that is required to produce these. It can be very time intensive. Well done.

I just want to say that I probably speak for many when I say that I believe very little of what I read on this forum. It is frankly, just as bad as any other MMO. I do however, find what you produce to have some validity, due to showing your experience. As opposed to the majority of people that post and boo hoo about Shadows who really cannot validate what they say. It ends up being nonsense and heresay.

So again thank you for posting these vids. Shadows/sins are a great class but are even better when the player is really good. Player skill trumps all else. Been this way since the beginning of games.

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Uhh not really, yeah it mitigates some Dmg, but not to the point where the survivability is gamebreaking as an all out dps spec VG have you even played one?
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