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Feedback request from James Ohlen - Group Finder

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Feedback request from James Ohlen - Group Finder

View Poll Results: What part of a Group Finder feature is most important to you?
Forming a group for Operations 180 5.57%
Forming a group for Flashpoints 1,653 51.11%
Forming a group for Heroic Missions 273 8.44%
Forming a group for something else 39 1.21%
No preference/all of the above 1,089 33.67%
Voters: 3234. You may not vote on this poll

Skirata_Kal's Avatar

04.20.2012 , 08:12 PM | #351
Quote: Originally Posted by Gurtogg View Post
--> keep it on one server (cross server grants you shorter queue times while amplifying bad behaviour - see wow)
--> no OP's (endgame shouldn't only be about the items/bad behaviour/ ridicoulus difficulty level see wow)
--> emphasise on Heroics also for low level ranges (so you get to meet more ppl through leveling and it's more varied)
--> no teleport to dungeon (wow lost a lot of its flair due to that)

I remember WoW servers before cross realm dungeons, battelgroup pvp etc.: small comunities ripe themselves off the bad blood that's quite an advantage of that.
huh? You can't mean World of Warcraft so what other game uses WoW as an acronym? In World of Warcraft the bad behavior you describe was just as likely in same server groups as the xrealm ones. And the xrealm ones, though occasionally bad, were more often good for me.

As for the LFR, that was long after I quit, but I'd say it was more about experiencing the content than the gear for many who used it.

I have no argument with the heroics comment of yours, since I don't even try to get groups for heroics anymore on my server after Nar Shadaa, though I see no reason to limit it to those.

As for teleport to dungeon <shrug>
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aceavenger's Avatar

04.20.2012 , 10:28 PM | #352
Quote: Originally Posted by JaggedOne View Post
#1 is FPs, #2 is heroics. Your poll wouldn't let me click more than one item, so I selected all of the above, even though I don't think it is needed for ops. I would suggest that you start with just FPs and possibly heroics, and see how it is received and how it works.

And for the love of God, please DO NOT EVER listen to me, because I don't know what its like to be without a guild or play on a low pop server. terrible idea!!!!!

Nepumuk's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 01:45 AM | #353
Flashpoints, Heroics > Operations

Even at 50 the daily heroics are now spread across 3 planets. But also while leveling I may have a few heroics left on a planet while already moving on to the next. Or I am on the fleet enjoying the VIP lounge or other leisure activities, so a galaxy wide system to find heroic groups should be an important core feature.

I believe normal mode operations are intended to be very easy and beatable by pickup groups, therefore we should be able to use the finder for those as well. But as operations are intended for level 50 players only, Flashpoints and Heroics should be a higher priority,

Usability > Robust loot system > Cross server group finder, account wide friend and ignore list

There are a lot of LFG tools out there in other MMOs. All of which have shown to me that the most important features are those which get a critical mass to use the tool. Therefore, a good usability which makes it easy to use for players new to MMOs is a must. And cross server functionality should not be delayed too long.
In order to make cross server an improvement for communities, we need tools to befriend players from other servers, as well as block out the bad apples.
For obvious reasons in pickup groups, I should not be able to need items not intended for my class and current spec. There was a developer post about it a few weeks back so this feature is in the works already.
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odinfett's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 03:06 AM | #354
Definately just same server if this is implemented. Cross server just goes bad from my experiences due to no accountability.

danpen's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 04:31 AM | #355
Quote: Originally Posted by odinfett View Post
Definately just same server if this is implemented. Cross server just goes bad from my experiences due to no accountability.
So will you be able to tell me more about what you siad thank you.
I am looking for people who need more help in the forums and i will be there to help you make it better ok.

ztee's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 06:02 AM | #356
Does it really need to be said?

Losing faith big time ... Flashpoints should have been day 1!

Uxorious's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 06:30 AM | #357
I voted Flashpoints - as this is where it is most needed. This is almost dead now and we need ppl to get groups for this more easy. I'd prefer x-realm coz i have the view that it is more important to get groups fast and efficiant then to stay whithin your own server. Bioware saya they wanna keep the server community by making groups inside the server, but i feel this only has limited effect on the server community. X-realam also helps grouping on unbalanced servers, so i feel its a much bigger pro then a con.

I do feel people need LFG tool for HC quests and Operations also.

Something simulare to the PvP tool would be awesome - you sign up for a HC FP and when your group is ready you get message. Though it is needed to be ways to kick players going afk or being unfriendly, and there needs to be a panalty for leaving.

Personaly i feel the LFG that eventualy came in WoW was very nice and well receaved by the community there, for worling well. After a lot of experiance they found out that giving rewards for roles that were rare gave more signups for this role, and that buffing "random" groups also motivated players to sign up for this.
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Spittle's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 06:56 AM | #358
Something that I feel would be easy to implement, and might help with grouping is:

When a mission is picked up, you are automatically told who is on the same mission in the zone (or planet). Similarly, people who have the mission could be given a notification when someone picks up the mission. Of course, there would be an option to opt-out in the settings.

It would be a way of more actively knowing who is doing what mission, rather than people, almost helplessly, saying "LFG XYZ." It is like a temporary friends list being created, and could be listed on the mission info tab (L), or in the social screen.

terzappi's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 07:49 AM | #359
all of the above and cross server.

AnoriOlko's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 08:22 AM | #360
All of the above would dramatically improve game experience; but if priority is required

1st - Flashpoints
2nd - Heroics
3rd - Ops

Cross server, but only link like 5 servers or so. I don't mind spending the time learning different players/guilds over 5 or so servers. Over all servers would ruin community (ie WoW)