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What I see as one of the major issues not being adressed enough

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What I see as one of the major issues not being adressed enough

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04.20.2012 , 06:25 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Xterminatz View Post
Nightmare Pylons, SoA, Jarg & Sorno, Foreman Crusher and Karagga required little movement from melee majority of the time they could sit there and DPS balls to wall, and now melee is having a whinge because they've made some slight mechanical changes to HM Lost Island and Explosive Conflict.

I'm not telling anyone to L2P at all from what I've seen and from what the melee players I've played with said there's no real issues here.
Nightmare Pylans requires melee to have to move around to do their job (i.e. hit thier button then get to their mob, not that its hard at all but still range has do do NOTHING) SOA requires melee to run to the balls to pop then go dps which can be literally across the room, as well as run to DPS mind traps where again RDPS has do do NOTHING. JARG & SORNO require the melee to get out of the AOE fire spin attack where again LOL RDPS have to do nothing, Forman Crusher(not sure how you do it but we make everyone else move away from his target to avoid the swipe that way the target doesn't spin him into others) but again movement where RDPS has to do NOTHING.
Karaga might be one of the few fights where there is decent balance...

If you would have read the OP i made though it isn't the challange its the balance, I like the new content and have beat it all but facts are that there is a clear advantage to having RDPS (in general) over MDPS in almost EVERY SINGLE BOSS FIGHT.

If that is hard to see because you have beat the content then you are clearly not the one coming up with the strategy and tactics in your groups. As the one that generally comes up with strats and tactics its clear as day that balance is needed.
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04.20.2012 , 06:27 AM | #12
Ranged everything has the advantage. I'm usually willing to listen to both sides of an argument but those who say "if you think its harder to play melee then u need to L2 play" are just plain wrong or just dont want their ranged classes nerfed.

Even vanguard/powertech tanks hav the advantage. As a guardian if i want area threat i have to leave the thing im hitting, go into the middle of the room, and activate challening call. As a ranged tank i dont usually have to move at all.

This is also true in pvp. As a healer I find it easier to use my 4m range "dirty kick" stun or 10m "flash grenade" cc on melee players up close than on ranged players who i cant reach.

Also as a healer it is easier to heal my gunslingers and commandos than it is my sentinels shadows and guardians.

edit: also i should mention that as a healer melee goes out of heal range way more often, so to you melees out there please make sure you stay within range when fighting something.