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Lost Island HM - L5R

Feverish's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 08:46 PM | #31
L5R has a soft enrage timer so if you reach it at 20% basically ur screwed every which way... The floor is 100% fire everywhere and balls come full size. Its not a bug the boss is just telling you, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!. The DPS isn't doing a good job, I have done this on my sorc healer with a lot of pre-50 gear meaning mods/enhancements/armoring which were lvl 40+ and I healed it just fine.

My group composition was Jug - Tank, Mara - dps, Merc - dps, Sorc - heals and everyone besides me was in some columi and 1 pc rakata... I just had 1 columi pants the rest were crap gear. When the tank first engages L5R and dps goes all out for the first few seconds before the aoe starts we can bring it down by close to 30% HP then the dance begins... by the time soft enrage hits the boss is already at 1-2% hp... so if we had better gear this boss would be down way earlier.

I hope your dps'ers can cough up more dmg for it because from what u are saying 20% and soft enrage hits means ur DPS'ers are doing crap dmg.