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an idea to identify operations/flashpoints/heroics/normal quests

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions
an idea to identify operations/flashpoints/heroics/normal quests

The_Emperator's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 10:33 AM | #1
I have been playing since launch and I am still having a blast with this game...its awesome.

Anyways, i have thought of an idea to help players identify the type of quest an NPC will give you.
For example, a little triangle on top of a person indicates that they have a quest for you.
However, you have no idea (until you talk to the person and see the quest name saying Heroics, flashpoint or the sort) what type of quest he will give you.

My idea is that an NPC that will give you a flashpoint for example could have an exclamation mark inside the triangle icon. Therefore, before talking to him, you would know he's going to give you a flashpoint quest.
For heroics, you could have another symbol inside the triangle..and so on. Normal quests will just be the triangle obviously (like planet side quests). A different symbol for flashpoint, operations, heroics would be really nice.

What do you guys think?
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Nishki's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 10:46 AM | #2
I like it. Would especially help in avoiding lower level quests when returning to areas such as tatooine for event quests. Or have an event quest marker. Not a big deal but a nice small improvement.

Vaahanian's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 12:24 PM | #3
This would be amazing! I really do hate running around the imperial fleet and seeing all of those quest triangles and I feel like I've missed something important only to find out that it is for a lower level normal mode flashpoint. I do believe for some of them they have some text on their window that pops up when you select them that says "flashpoint courier" or something to that extent, but not all of them.

Please Bioware, do something about this!

CrimsonV's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 02:17 PM | #4
This is most needed considering that, unlike in many other MMOs, the kind of quest you're about to get is not immediately obvious the moment you right click the NPC.
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Darth_Gao_Gao's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 02:57 PM | #5
this would rule. i'm tired of seeing the default triangle notice for low level flashpoints.