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SWTOR Non Responsive Program

xSchLemMx's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 01:18 AM | #1
Hi i need help! if i create a toon, log out at any givin time and then try to log back into the toon i am unable to log back on the game will try and load, showin the prelouge image that details where i am at in the storyline and waiting for load of my toon nothing happens i just wait and wait and wait if i click on the screen SWTOR becomes non responsive my screen goes semi-white resulting in me closing SWTOR to be unable to log onto my toon, i really wish someone could help me with this problem, i want to play especially cuz i have a toon to lvl 9 dont want to start over again and again as i have had to do, can someone please help me resolve this issue. i would appreciate it very much
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