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Sound issues in 1.2

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Tankeroo's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 04:51 PM | #41
bump for fix

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04.16.2012 , 06:05 PM | #42
I have also been having sound issues since patch 1.2. The "white noise" starts during combat and remains after combat is concluded. When I move away from the combat area the "white noise" decreases and disappears after about 50 metres, however whenever i come back to the area where combat was the "white noise" is still there.
This leads me to suspect that multiple instances of this "white noise" effect are tying up ingame sound resources and preventing weapon sounds , cutscenes etc from playing properly.

HanSum's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 07:18 PM | #43
Ever since patch 1.2 my sounds cutting out with static noise, this really needs to be fixed, how am i able to enjoy the game when i have to mute the sound just to play without headache. Please fix this soon

Also most of my guild are having the same problem.

Neothanos's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 09:07 PM | #44
Still a problem.

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04.16.2012 , 09:31 PM | #45
Same issues here:
Most FX fade away, voice, etc.
Only REALLY LOUD ambient environmental noises... even though my ambient volume is at ZERO.

Fix, plox.

Karthule's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 09:31 PM | #46
Been experiencing this issue since 1.2 as well. Primarily in WZ's. Have to do a full relog to fix. Problem is I am on the fatman, so I have to wait 30-45 mins every time I relog in the evenings. This isn't a gripe post, just a request to get this fixed. I will gladly supply any info you ask for Bioware, just let me know what it is.

Soupinator's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 10:26 PM | #47
I thought I'd pitch in my sound issues since the 1.2 update.

The game starts out fine, but the longer it's open, I start losing random sounds. Random conversation lines won't play, I'll get half of the sound effect for a blaster, boss voice lines won't work, etc. This seems to start pretty suddenly and progress rapidly at around 3-4 hours of playtime.

The other problem (rather minor) is that the engine sound for enemy ships in space missions (and only that sound) is skipping/stuttering. This may be related to poor game performance, which has gotten very bad in space missions since the patch.

Mordivier's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 10:44 PM | #48
I believe I may have found the issue. Please confirm everyone. I think the sound issues are directly tied to the "Visible Character Limit" under graphics options.

When Legacy went live, I switch it to low to help with my FPS. I had no sound issues prior whatsoever. Yet, after I had this setting I had music play and then fade out to quiet, companion dialogue such as "vette" being tied to the location of another player's vette companion.

I had sound cut in and out per character footstep in Dromund Kass where Sandor is before the taxi to reach the Sith Enclave where Darth Baras resides.

Ive had speeder SFX not even play when I use the taxi and Ive had cinematic dialogue not even play at times. All sound was actually playing a quieter level as well.

I switched this value back to "VERY HIGH" and all of these problems have disappeard.

Please confirm if this actually fixes it for you.

Enkenon's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 10:49 PM | #49
Quote: Originally Posted by Kai-Ying View Post
Getting this too, I've bugged it in-game.

On both 8 man raids I was on today this was happening to everyone there. Some people report a constant static that can increase in volume to the point of being unbearable.

Very poor show.
Yes .I reported this(described it as sorc lightning sound) and I got the usual mail saying do this and do that and basically asking a paying customer to do their job for them.
The most frustrating thing is when it is obvious they don't take time to really read your report.
I specifically wrote that this was going on in all of the WZs especially near objectives and in their reply they wanted me to tell them where was this problem occurring....errr in WZs I guess???

Magathemis's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 11:06 PM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by ezln View Post
I too am having a ton of different audio issues since 1.2:
  • Sound in general is lower.
  • Companions are extremely low and echo.
  • Space combat goes back and forth between close to normal and extremely low. Companions here are also low or I can't make out what they are saying at all.
  • 'jet engine' sound from vehicles. the audio seems to be much louder than all other ambient sounds. seems worse in imperial fleet.
  • spamming casted abilities seems to overlap/loop and causes audio disconnect from visuals.

Its as if audio queues are off, coming from the wrong direction or missing entirely.
Exact same problems here. I'd add that the companions don't seem to be saying anything at all during space missions. Both I and my spouse are experiencing the same sound errors, even though we have two completely different sound hardware systems. Mine is ASUS motherboard-based Realtek, while hers is a Soundblaster X-Fi external unit. Until 1.2, we had no sound issues at all.