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Something has to change, soon.

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Something has to change, soon.

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04.16.2012 , 01:02 PM | #1
I must first start this off by saying how much I enjoy playing this game. So far, I am impressed with the story lines, and just everything as a whole. Kudos to the dev team for creating an amazing experience.

Now, that aside, there is one thing that just NEEDS to change and I mean quickly. What I am speaking of is the servers out there that are just dead. On my server (The Constant) there are maybe 15 people on in the fleet at peak hours. If you go and quest there might be 8-10 at a time in a zone, which is high-balling it.

Take today for example, the only thing I had left in my quest area was some heroics. There are 6 people in the zone, four of which are level 50. I ask in general if anyone wants to try and knock out the heroics with me, no takers. I wait around for a few minutes and then venture to the Fleet to get a group for a flashpoint, at this point there 10 people on the fleet, noone in my range, so I queue for Pvp.

This is where I start pulling my hair out.

I queue up and get Voidstar, cool, I enjoy this one. I wait around for the gates to drop, alone, until they do, and then two others log in. Thank god, im not alone. haha

We roll out to start fighting just the three of us and get worked by the 6 enemies awaiting us. No biggie, Ill keep trying. So I do. Now, this whole time we are maybe surviving the onslaught for just long enough to get a couple of good heals off, but it just isnt enough.

We lose... bad. I get 2 medals, one for killing an enemy and the other for a 2.5k heal, and 0 xp. I just wasted my time. This is absurd. How can I get nothing for at least sticking out that match and being the whipping boy for the enemy team? I got two medals, the other two didn't get any and stuck with me as well, how is it fair that they get nothing as far as xp or commendations, when they or I have no way to get others to queue.

My problem with this, is not the losing or not finding someone to group with. The problem is the complete lack of people. I have 4 characters on this server and rerolling to me, is simply not an option. Ive done it once already.

BW, this has got to change. Where is the MMO, with servers like these and no option to move my legacy to another server, a more populated server, you guys have got to be losing out of money hand over fist. People don't want to play on these dead arse servers, and my choices now are pretty simple, either reroll or quit. I won't be rerolling.

In short, BW, you have a great game and I absolutely enjoy it but you really need to get on the ball on this one.

Thanks for reading, hope more people post about this.