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Server Login In Queue Times

LrdStryfe's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 09:39 PM | #1
I'm sure this issue is already being addressed, and I'm sure there have already been threads about it.

However, these queue times for login are simply unacceptable. Launch is basically 3 days away and we're already having to wait >30 minutes to log into the more populated servers. This is a joke, seriously. I spent 30 minutes waiting to log into Port Nowhere, and 20 minutes into my gameplay my computer crashed, so now I'm waiting another 45 minutes to queue up again.

The game is great, it's solid, and it's running a lot better than my expectations were allowing me to predict. Bioware, you are going to be losing subscribers and support very quickly if these queues are not addressed immediately. It is one thing to have issues while logged into the game and during gameplay, but having the brunt of your issues be regarding simply logging into the game, well, that is not good.

So far I'm having a great time in the game. It's made me forget a lot about the shutdown of SWG yesterday, and kept me engaged in the storyline which I find extremely interesting and fun. Still, if these queue times continue as they are this will be a deal breaker for me. My guild is on Port Nowhere and I refuse to migrate to a lower populated server to be able to even get into the game in a reasonable amount of time.

5 minute queues such as the ones yesterday are acceptable, not 35+ minutes.

I sincerely hope BioWare is able to address this issue before losing any players to it.

Neefom's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 09:48 PM | #2
I agree. If I have to wait 30 minutes (like tonight trying to get on Sith Wyrm) every time I get booted from the game, what is the point? I want to be entertained and play a game, not spend most of my evening waiting in line.

Tonight, I waited 20 mins, got into the game, had to wait through two intro movies I have seen a thousand times, and when I started choosing my profession, gender, race, and started customizing my character's features, I get booted from a "Server error 003" and now I am back in line. Presumably, when I get back into game in about 30 minutes, I get to start all over trying to customize my character.

So, perhaps, after about 2 hours of waiting in line and creating my character nearly twice, I can START PLAYING THE GAME.

I completely concur, if this doesnt get better I wont be a subscriber for long. Please get the problem with login times fixed ASAP.

I wont even go into the non-existent customer service to date. I have sent in about 5 tickets during beta testing and recently, and all I have ever gotten was an auto response - never anyone in person trying to assist me with a problem. And I have never gotten anyone on the phone either.
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