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Alacrity effect

ProKsnNwk's Avatar

04.16.2012 , 06:19 AM | #1
This post is about how Alacrity, if it also affect the Opening of things, not just the spells (If I'm mistaken, then I'm sorry, but it just looks like that), and I just think that is stupid.

I think that it's stupid, because, I went on the Unusual Egg spawn,
and when the Egg spawned the Sage/Sorc took the Egg, even though they began the interaction later than others, and it actually happened countless of times.
I have the ping of 30-70 MS, and no lags. Good Graphics.

So I just want to say if Alacrity affects the interaction with things, then it should be immediately corrected, because it's not fair to other classes.
Like I wrote before that when the Egg spawns, I or other people couldn't take the Egg, because we think that Sorc/Sage were much faster, and began the interaction later than us.