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Remove the rakghoul plague now

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04.15.2012 , 11:28 PM | #491
Quote: Originally Posted by Skolops View Post
In fact, any time you die you lose immunity, and if you are out trying to actually PLAY THE GAME, instead of the new fun that is standing on fleet, then you will die often enough that this becomes a problem.
Of course, every time you die you're no longer -infected-, either. And you can get healed, too.

I know. The concept of not having a healer on a PvP warzone, on ops, or flashpoints is stunning. I suppose it might happen.
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04.15.2012 , 11:29 PM | #492
*grabs a bag of popcorn and a bottle of Guinness and starts reading all the QQing*

This is priceless. QQing about the plague, then QQers QQing about the OTHER QQers. All the tears.. the sweet glorious tears!!!

Seriously, look at yourselves. Just look at yourselves. Wow. lol
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04.15.2012 , 11:30 PM | #493
Quote: Originally Posted by Skolops View Post
Just because the idea the instituted has resulted in certain things happening, doesn't mean BW intended that. They may just as easily have not thought things though, and given some of what's going on, I'm quite certain this is the case. I highly doubt they intended newbies on Korriban or Ord Mantell to have to encouter and deal with this plague, get confused while they're trying to learn the game, and so on, for instance. Fairly certain they simply didn't think things through.

This is simply not true. People have explained repeatedly how it is disrupting gameplay, and you simply choose not to acknowledge it. Allow me to enumerate the problems again:

1) Any kind of gameplay which requires precise execution, such as PvP warzones and endgame PvE, is disrupted. No doubt turrets have been capped on Alderaan all because someone's plague flared up at just the wrong time.

2) Players are not participating in the other aspects of the game at the same rate as before. The economy and endgame content has all taken a participation hit.

3) Some players, believe it or not, care about there appearance and do not want to look like they are infected. If someone cares enough to spend several million credits swapping mods into orange gear, they may very well not want that nice looking outfit to be covered in sludge, even for a small period of time - much less the month some are suggesting this may last.

4) Players are, in many cases, just generally standing on the fleet doing nothing and not contributing to the game world in any way whatsoever.

5) Low level players on Tatooine are in many cases not able to complete their quests there due to the sudden influx of, at times, over 50 of the opposing faction's level 50 players. FOR THESE PLAYERS, THE ENTIRE GAME HAS BEEN PUT INDEFINITELY ON HOLD UNTIL THINGS CHANGE..

In fact, any time you die you lose immunity, and if you are out trying to actually PLAY THE GAME, instead of the new fun that is standing on fleet, then you will die often enough that this becomes a problem.
I think they missed two things. The vaccine could persist in death, which would solve most of the things on your list. And those cleanse droids should be in the start zone hangers. So you can't get onto the planet with the plague for the newbie zones.

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04.15.2012 , 11:30 PM | #494
Quote: Originally Posted by Owsley View Post
You sure complain a lot for someone that's an "Advanced Tactical Warrior."
And a Sith to that!

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04.15.2012 , 11:31 PM | #495
Quote: Originally Posted by va_wanderer View Post
Of course, every time you die you're no longer -infected-, either. And you can get healed, too.

I know. The concept of not having a healer on a PvP warzone, on ops, or flashpoints is stunning. I suppose it might happen.
People are at times remaining infected throughout warzones because it only takes one exploding person to infect a bunch of people again.

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04.15.2012 , 11:31 PM | #496
Quote: Originally Posted by Cmder-Shepard View Post
I could of easily logged on as my 47 Bounty Hunter and gave the other character the money. But I like to keep each character independent from one another. I doubt many would mind this event if some people would stop trying to infect as many others as possible.

Again I am not complaining about the event itself Bioware is just trying to have a little fun and mix it up, problem I had was with people just going around infecting anyone they can on the fleet like that.
You really don't take any of the credits that your high level character has attained and send it to your alts? I don't know about you, but I've made more credits with my inquisitor than I know what to do with and I didn't use any kind of special strategy to do it. If I don't use it on my alt, it just sits there being used for very little beside the occasional repair. By the way, those people are only working on the quest as part of the event.
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04.15.2012 , 11:32 PM | #497
Great ruler of ATW (irony)
The man that took 4 months to get to 50 I guess who leads a guild of 250 (2/3's havn't logged in over 30 days) is also a person that IF you didn't want to participate in the game event can not afford the quick 2k vacine? OMG You are just getting to embarass yourself with these absolute stupid posts. PLEASE QUIT. You are the player type that drags so many people down with you its not even funny.
Just go find an Emo server of swg and crawl in there and have a good cry of what was once was. Cause this is a whole new game with OMG CONTENT!!!! God forbid they throw in something that a lot of people find fun and a distraction to the every day grind.
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04.15.2012 , 11:33 PM | #498
Oh was waiting for someone to complain about the rakghoul plague.
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04.15.2012 , 11:35 PM | #499
Quote: Originally Posted by halloandbill View Post
Source that claim please, otherwise don't claim that a "majority" of people want anything. If anything about the history of these forums tells us that when people are upset we see multiple threads constantly popping up complaining about an issue (because looking at the top few threads is hard apparently) instead of one mostly thread that is mostly positive about said issue or event.

The tone around here has actually been pretty positive today which is incredibility odd for this forum. The only thing that I've seen constant new threads on in relation to this event is the whole green/black crystal thing. Not the infecting thing. At least from the anecdotal evidence of threads on the event I think you are wrong about the amount of people that are upset by this alleged "griefing".
This very thread contradicts your point. It is an example of the many posts I have seen of people complaining about it. Yes, some are happy with the plague. Many are not, and they are complaining.

On top of that, as I said elsewhere, the fact is that the types of people most likely to be unhappy with things are also the types of people least likely to post on forums, or even know they exist.

Finally, please understand that I like-to-love the event itself, but I despise the plague aspect of it as implemented. Every other aspect of it is something you can choose to participate in or not. (Well, to a degree. I continue to insist that this is grossly unfair to players needing to go through Tatooine as the quest and level.) The plague takes it too far. It could even be maintained, but done just ever so slightly differently to prevent the few problems it is causing.

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04.15.2012 , 11:37 PM | #500
Quote: Originally Posted by ferroz View Post
It does.

Yes, that's the main part of the complaint: that bioware has put in mechanics that allow and in fact encourage players to grief one another.

Actually, people have mentioned specific things about how it disrupts their gameplay.

actually, it doesn't persist through death so it needs to be bought again after pretty much every warzone.

citation needed.

right now there's evidence of bioware's negligence in the matter, not that they agree or disagree.
For the warzonne excuse... First, you keep saying you don't like pvp so in reality, it doesn't mather to you. Just another excuse but let's say you do for fun...

You had alot of wzs where you never died? Because it take 20 min for the explosion effect meaning you will probably die before (and never suffer the oh **** plague death). The vomiting part stun you which might suck but I guess you didn't realise it also almost fill completly your resolve bar... I see potential in that really. Nothing is just dark and bad. Not awesome I will admit but still.

And really, I don't need a citation since it is in the game. What you consider a mistake might not be for them.

Now, can you bring me a citation where Bioware Said that plaguing other people(which can be avoid at the low cost of 2k for 6h!) is griefing bad and should be stop?


no? That's what I thought. Until they say otherwise, Your opinion is just that... opinion. And their quest (I said quest and not bug abuse of something unplaned) is showing where they are standing in this mather. You said negligence? The negligence is on your part for ignoring the many possibility to completly avoid this.