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Legacy Character Interactions

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Legacy Character Interactions

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04.15.2012 , 10:39 AM | #1
I think the legacy system that ties characters an individual has developed together is a rather interesting implementation, but how about taking it further?

I noticed that the characters full avatar is displayed in the legacy window and that you can set what sort of relationship each character has with the other. So, why not have them interact? What I am suggesting is the opportunity to have players actually experience the "relationship" that we create using the legacy system. These would be entirely role-playing events only and simply offer to expand the characters connection with each other.

As an example, I have set my bounty hunter as a rival against my imperial agent. My bounty hunter is light side while my agent is dark side. There could be a role-playing event that could take into account how a bounty hunter could become a rival with an agent, and also offer light/dark side options. In this case I could be trying to take in a target alive on my bounty hunter, but the agent interferes and tries to or actually kills the target instead. After both characters fight for a while it becomes a stalemate and both characters develop a rivalry of sorts. Obviously I am no story-board developer but hopefully the idea is conveyed properly

Players would control both sides of the conversation, and there would never be any actual player controlled combat.

I would not say this is an easy thing to develop but it would certainly become a highlight of the role-playing aspect TOR has to offer.

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04.15.2012 , 10:47 AM | #2
I think I heard Champions online could let you create a rival character and defeat him. Would be cool if you could kill off your own character... and steal his ship.
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