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So !.2, Marauder vs Sniper?

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So !.2, Marauder vs Sniper?

MidnightsRequiem's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 10:43 PM | #1
Im on a pvp server, I enjoy doing pvp and so far I've leveled a Tank, Powertech/Shadow, and I've leveled a Sage, healer. But now I'm looking for outright dps.. So, based for PVP, which is overall better? I admit, snipers usually do tons of damage to me, and that damn cover shield thing is annoying as hell, however they seem rather squishy. Marauders however, seem rather complicated, but the payout is quite the dps if you manage to learn it. Suggestions?

aesirize's Avatar

04.14.2012 , 12:33 AM | #2
I'm a Sniper so this is from my point of view.

You are correct. we're extremely squishy, and we do have the ability to deal great amounts of damage, but with a cost to mobility, versatility, and utility.

*Our cool-downs include:
-Shield Probe; Absorbs roughly 1,800 dmg,
-Evasion; 100% chance to dodge all melee/ranged attacks (not tech/force, so it's primarily against other Snipers),
-Ballistic Shield; 20% damage reduction AoE,
-Entrench; makes you immune to everything except straight damage,
-Ballistic Dampeners; reduces damage by 30% once every 1.5 sec. 6 sec cool-down. must exit/enter cover to refresh.

*Once our Knock-backs, roots, and stuns are extinguished, we tend to die very quickly. If your good at cover hopping to refresh Ballistic Dampeners it makes things a lot easier but often times you have Entrench down so you cannot Cover dance.

Overall Sniper is easy to do decently, but very hard to do well.

*Marks has a lot of problems with damage mitigation (vast majority of your shots go through defense rating, shield rating, etc and going against a tank 1v1 is usually a sad story (yes I'm aware that's it generally dumb to do voluntarily, but sometimes your forced into a fight)).

*Lethality has some energy concerns. (pre 1.2 you could cleanse the dots and effectively neuter their damage). I have never tried Engineering so i cannot comment about that. I really shouldn't comment about Lethality either, as i have not the experience with it, just minor playing around.

*Overall i think we bring very minor utility to PVP other than straight damage: no force run,pull,leap,off heal,cleans or anything similar. I have not really PVP'd in 1.2 so i cannot say with any notable level of accuracy how well we do, so again, take all of this with a grain of salt as it's just my opinion.

*It is very easy, and in my opinion easier than any other class, to LOS since we're an immobile turret, and all of our hard hitting abilities are cast, or directly from cast shots; Followthrough for example (from MM point of view as lethality forgoes cover for the most part (meaning no Ballistic Dampeners as well.))

As to your question on which is better: depends on your playstyle. I love Sniper because even tho i may not win every fight, I'll either A) delay them enough to create an opening for others to do the objective or B) royally piss them off as they have a hell of a time getting to me, often times popping all of their cool-downs in the process or C) drain their life to but an inch for the next person to come by and one shot them without a second thought.

I think based on your Powertech/Shadow you may like melee more, so marauder might be your best choice.

I honestly wish they had an option to play the class, although under specific conditions (ex only on a training dummy or a special area), at 50 with all of your abilities just to get a taste of what you like. although the drawbacks and exploiting would most likely be high for this.

hadoken's Avatar

04.14.2012 , 04:03 AM | #3
marauders are overall better though snipers are still very strong