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2k WarZone Commendations isnt ENOUGH

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2k WarZone Commendations isnt ENOUGH

JediDuck's Avatar

04.14.2012 , 12:11 AM | #1
I'm level 29 smuggler, valor 29, I do about 2-3 warzones per level and i just hit 2k warzone commendations, the pvp gear at level 20/40 is very ugly, I already have way better oranges from just questing, I have 2k comms and I have nothing to spend them on, cant spend them on level 50 gear because the gear requires level 50 to buy which is rediculous, cant trade for merc comms to free up space for more wz comms, cant buy anything and sell it to make very much credits at all, cant buy that crafting item for 1k comms because no one on my server gives a crap about that. from now until level 50 the only point of pvping would be either for "fun" or valor, but theres no super incentive to having high level valor, and obviously im level 29 valor already, and thats on the republic side... wins 20% of the time on our server, 30% of the games start and finish without a full team. More fun to quest.

Can bioware just increase the amount of WZ commendations i can have. I cant possibly think of any reason that it would negatively effect the community other then people could theoretically reach level 50 with a set of half decent pvp gear. But is that even a negative thing? if you have played that many warzones to get to that point you've MORE then earned it.

After putting in countless hours to get to level 29 valor it looks like in order to even pvp at level 50 without being a HUGE liability to my team im going to have to fork out 200k or more which is insane, you earn gear you dont just buy it, credits should be currency for luxeries not necessities.

Bioware if you read this message and still plan to NOT increase the WZ comms could you at least send me an email on why, because I dont understand why you've put a limit, i dont understand your goal for this pvp system, and I can only write so much down on this post, so if you just email me why i'll answer you back because im 99% sure if i get into a full conversation and address all of your reasons why not, I could convince you easily why there shouldn't be a really small limit of WZ commendations