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Two Problems with Warzones: 1.2

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Two Problems with Warzones: 1.2

TheZarathustra's Avatar

04.14.2012 , 12:07 AM | #1
Below, I have listed the two main problems I see with Warzones after patch 1.2.


The Warzone does not automatically end when one team has too few players. This has resulted in a team with, say three players, going against a team with 6-8. Obviously, the team with fewer players has only two options: either run-out of the spawn zone and be farmed until the opposing team has completed the objective, or stay in the spawn zone only to be kicked-out for AFK’ing. This means that if you’re on an extremely outnumbered team, you have to continually engage the more powerful team (who are surely camping your spawn point at this point) or be kicked-out. Understandably, this can be extremely frustrating for a team that is being farmed.

Which leads to my second point…

Little to Zero Credit for Ongoing Warzones

I’ve ran into this problem a few times. This problem is that, since Warzone do not automatically end when one faction greatly outnumbers the other, you can be queued into a warzone in which you cannot earn Commendations or Valor in. To explain: I have been put into Warzones in which the other team out-numbers mine. And even if I have sufficient time enough to get four warzone metals before the match ends, the “Score Screen” still says that I have earned Zero Valor, Zero commendations, Zero credits, et cetera.
This is probably the most frustrating aspect of the most recent Warzone changes, because you could possibly play several matches and receive little to nothing for your effort.
To correct this, I suggest you revert back to the original queuing system, and award a scaling amount of Valor and Commendations to people who enter into ongoing Warzone matches.

That is all.

Subatomix's Avatar

04.14.2012 , 12:09 AM | #2
Just two? C'mon man. There are way more problems than that.

What about TAB targeting?

What about not being able to queue with 8 ppl?

What about the ridiculous problems queue'ing, regrouping, de-queueing, then re-queueing with 4 ppl?

And those are just the "serious" ones, the deal breakers that left me no choice but to unsub (including the ones you cite).

Other issues just make the game annoying to play. So we're way in the hole here, ya see?
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