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I'm so glad everyone complained about Healing like they did in Rift as well.

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I'm so glad everyone complained about Healing like they did in Rift as well.

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04.13.2012 , 11:24 PM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by lpsmash View Post
Five hours to know a game which takes several days of played time to get to max level and a week or two to get starter pvp gear (if you grind a lot). You didn't really play this game. You only scratched the surface. I love WoW, even though the game is not perfect. In fact, as of right now, the PvP in WoW is more enjoyable simply for the fact that skill matter a lot more. No, I'm not saying a guy geared in blue will own a cata-geared guy. I got my face owned plenty of time by alts of 2400+ players who weren't geared with the latest epics and I owned plenty of noobs with full latest season gear. Gear still matters, simply a lot less.
You choose to hate WoW without really giving it a chance. I'm not specualating on the reasons, though I have my ideas.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying SWTOR is ****. In fact, I'm playing SWTOR and I love it, it's just that PvP could use a.. something to be polished.

Oh the irony. What is it you are doing, if not yourself whining on the forums? If this continue, BW will overbuff healers and then good luck getting 10 kills in a match (yeah I'm exagerating, it seems popular here).

Why should people need credentials to give their opinion? They bought the product, forums are there, they give it. Just like you. As far as I know, the nerfs were justified and healers are imbeciles whining over nothing.

Healers will adjust and will continue to be useful in WZ. You can't solo heal a guy that gets rushed down by 4 dps and doesn't use his cooldown? I call that fine.
This is all nice and dandy, but next time, write me only your point not a bed time story.