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What is Story completion by end 2012? Announced at Guild summit.

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What is Story completion by end 2012? Announced at Guild summit.

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04.13.2012 , 07:37 AM | #1
Huge fan and founder subscriber...entered the game in the second wave of emails on dec 13th. I have 1, very nearly 2, level 50 caracters. I dont run flashpoints, I only do pvp up to level 49 while levelling as i wont tackle the post 50 bracket too many BMs around owning face, and i try to do most of the world quests as i have no choice if i dont do FPs or WZs then i find i HAVE to do all the world quests in an area to hit the right level to complete my class story arc quests. This is frustrating but i realise that if i dont do FP or WZ then that is just how it goes and if i struggle to hit my story arc level ill Pvp in a slideshow framerate fashion, just to get that extra level.
So on to my question....Could Bioware please verify what they meant by story completion by the end of 2012...which they announced to a round of applause at the guild summit in march. Which story will be completed? I figured they meant Character story arcs because they stated up to chapter 6 complete by end 2012. Chapters come with character story arcs yes? Ok so i love update 1.2 all the stuff we wanted at launch are now in the game ..well nearly... But for a casual player like me i have to ask....Do i unsubscribe now until ....which update? which update will continue class stories? because i dont do Operations, flashpoints , post 50 warzones and NOONE like dailies unless the carrot on the stick tastes really good.So my question is again...When should i resubscibe if i unsubscribe? which update will give us a continuation of content that does not involve FP, WZ, OP, or dailies, when do we get some content that matches the rest of the game For SINGLE PLAYERS who love your game .. you say story completion by end 2012...can you confirm in what sense do you mean story completion. I listened well at the summit footage and you definitely said story completion end of 2012 up to chapter 6. if its gonna be in a new future "expansion" then does this mean we will see an expansion before the end of this year? or does it mean there will be continuation of class story in future updates leading up to a future expansion? if its the former ill wait for the expansion.

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04.13.2012 , 01:01 PM | #2
it might just be this. an extra 3 chapters by the end of 2012..wich means a good few things really..3 chapters worth of content is alot so a level cap raise is a must! also new gear will need to be availible for quest new planets so we don;t run around the same ones we have been on already wich means new unique comendation items and possibly open world pvp areas

thats what i thinka tleast
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04.13.2012 , 01:27 PM | #3
If the class stories will really continue, thats great news! Im looking forward to it!
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04.13.2012 , 01:29 PM | #4
In PAX Q&A, James Ohlen said that we will be getting more storylines this year and some more in 2013. I suspect that this won't be the end though.

So yeah, completion in this case means adding more storylines.
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