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Should faction imbalance determine queues?

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Should faction imbalance determine queues?

Tius's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 04:02 PM | #1
It seems like there are 2 dominant issues on the pvp forums right now:

1) queue times
2) faction imbalance

A full release, the holiday season, and time in general may sort these out. The queues will most likely sort themselves out as people get fed up and re-roll onto other servers. However, this probably won't fix the faction imbalance issue. Also, hoping the mass of "normies" and kids after launch and the holidays go Republic isn't really a great plan in my opinion as we will probably just steam roll them.

So I am tossing out the following idea:

1) a server has a login queue
2) and there is a population balance issue

Queue the over-populated faction for login while the other side walks right in or get a drastically reduced queue time. (The nerd in me says the time reduction should be proportional to the faction imbalance ratio)

That combined with what will most likely be instant pvp queues should drive people over to the other side.

I am not saying it will fix everything, and some people will not like it as they will feel like they are being punished for choosing the, "experience" they want, but I'd like to know if people think it could help.

Kendry's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 06:18 PM | #2
Never happen. What might end up happening is a faction being locked in the event of a major imbalance.(Only seen on Aion which blew as a game anyway). But what it boils down to is that a republic players $15 is worth just as much as a imperial's $15 so to put one side or the other in a queue based on something the individual has no real control over after he made his character is a little unfair.