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Future update to server capacity?

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Future update to server capacity?

Colonel_Black's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 06:04 PM | #1

I've read the post in the Dev Tracker where a Dev says that we should select another server to play on if we are experiencing long queues for it.

Some of us don't have that option. I for one am within a guild which is on that server for the purpose of competitiveness with other known guilds.

The server I'm on is "Tomb of Freedon Nadd". I joined this when there wasn't a queue to join and I'm happy with the guild that I'm in and the character that I have. So basically, my question is that whether or not there'll be a population increase on that server, so that the queues aren't as long. (Or even non existent!). 2 Hours waiting time is horrible, but why should I lose my fun factor due to the server not supporting enough slots.

I do understand that EA/Bioware are trying to filter out the servers to have a steady stream of players on each server.