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Early Game Denial of Access Security

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Early Game Denial of Access Security

Arkaan's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 03:50 PM | #1
In short:

Line 1: Security question bug
Line 2: Locked account
Sub a: resolvable only by SPEAKING with CS rep
Line 3: hour long wait in CS phone queue
Line 5: 30 minute wait in CS phone queue
Line 7: unable to enter CS phone queue
Line 8:

Given that this problem can be resolved only by speaking with a CS rep and few people have the time or patience to wait in a truly hopeless, pointless, ridiculous phone queue that lasts for hours, literally:

is there any chance that CS reps could call account holders?

and could the security questions be optional or be sequential so that if the first answer is incorrect due to a bug or mistyping, it would offer the next question, and so on?

Honestly, this locked account situation that requires you to speak to an actual person combined with the massive load on CS is looking like a bridge too far to being back in game anytime soon. I cannot believe how screwed up this is.

I am not saying that anyone should be bumped up in priority for problem resolution, only that there should be a way to reprioritize those who waited and waited and then were bumped and bumped again to the back of the endless line.