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Security Q&As Issues

philthyy's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 02:56 PM | #1
My name is Phil and I'm posting about the Security Questions & Answers. Unfortunately, there's something wrong with them. My dads trying to log in on his account and it keeps telling him that his answer is incorrect when were 100% sure it's correct. We encountered the problem last night and I immediately emailed customer support. I was responded to 15 minutes later and was told that the issue was globally fixed, all that needed to be done was to log in and he'd be prompted to change his security questions. So I logged in and instead of being prompted for to change the security questions, he was prompted for the same security question that's bugged out. So I sent another email this morning, and I also pulled a ticket in-game to attempt to get help there about it. Neither have yet to be answered. I also tried calling the support hot line. I was told by a machine on there that because of high volume I'd need to call back later and that if my issue was about the security questions and answers that that has been resolved and to just simply log in and I'd be prompted to change my security questions. So I logged in and as before, I wasn't prompted. I was asked the same question that it's been asking me. So I called and called and finally got through but, I've been on hold waiting for an associate to answer my call. I've been on hold for 2:16:52 and haven't been answered yet. None of my attempts to get help have been answered yet. I came here to post thinking this is just another chance, maybe the last spot I can go for help. So please if anyone on here can help me fix this situation I'd be eternally grateful. Thank you,