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Only 1 rp-pvp west coast server?

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Only 1 rp-pvp west coast server?

KillerJak's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 02:56 PM | #1
Hey bioware i just got into the early acces and was preaty disapointed with west coast only getting 1 rp- pvp server so far.
I enjoy rp servers and to me rp is more realistic in pvp since it kinda kills the imersion for me when a sith comes running at me and pulls out his lightsaber and goes "um excuse me im a sith your mortal enemy...i was wondering if i could try and kill that alright with you?" Lol to each there own but thats silly to me.
Would be nice if you guys could add at least one more west coast server to keep it equal with the east coast since i would prefer to play in my own time zone and the one server you gave us is heavy and its not even peek hours.
From what i saw rp- pvp in general has very few servers compared to the rest so im curious if im just in the minority who enjoys rp-pvp? What do other players think? Feel free to agree or disagree. im also curious to know if im the only person who even wants more pvp- rp servers lol.
Thanks guys and I look forward to playing with ya in game