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Luke crash site? - Hoth

Clonedzero's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 03:03 PM | #11
its an easter egg. just a wink and a nod to the movie thats all.

hell hoth feels really forced into the game already. i mean the entire reason the rebels built the base on hoth in empire strikes back was because it was a worthless frozen planet that was abandoned and ignored by everyone.

yet for some reason in every star wars game we have to go to hoth for some stupid reason. i mean the entire reason we're on hoth in SWTOR was that some ships crashed there during a space battle. which leads to the question......

why were they having a space battle above some pointless frozen planet?

you could make the same argument for tatooine, but at least people live there and its still a place lots of criminals go to lay low so you could easily see it being a minor planet someone might actually visit. hoth though, shameless fanservice.