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Damage taken vs damage dealt mechanics.

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Damage taken vs damage dealt mechanics.

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04.11.2012 , 07:51 AM | #1
Darkness tree should have more talents directed to taking damage opposed to dealing damage or uptime of it.

- Passive Force Regeneration
- Energize increases resets cooldown and increases crit on Shock by damage from Lacerate, Trash and Assassinate
- Harnessed Darkness charges are gained by damage done from Shock and Wither, affected by Energize, and heals you from damage done.
- Dark Charge heals when you deal damage as uptime.
The only talent in the whole tree that provides boosts to being attacked is Lightning Reflexes, restores 2% force when you parry/deflect/shield an attack.

Say opposed to a Juggernaut, who gains majority of its strenght by taking damage
Soresu Form actually reduces your rage gain from damage done but increases it by damage taken.
Revenge and Sweeping Fury improve the effectiveness of Soresu Form by taking damage and increasing the damage and reducing the cost of attacks when you are being attacked.
Retaliation requires you to be attacked aswell as talents that improve defense when using Retaliation.
Sonic Barrier requires you to take damage to gain its effectiveness over its duration, unlike healing.

While they both share a good amount of utility, wich is what makes a tank in PvP, not the damage.
Juggernauts don't have the luxury to gain its largest potential out of damage because attacking tanks in PvP is simple stupid.
Darkness don't have this downside and can continue to push its potential damage in addition to the survivability and mass utility it brings. Wich is a problem.

I would suggest making more talents related to damage taken instead of damage dealt/uptime.
- Energize:
While Dark Charge is active, Whenever you successfully shield, parry or deflect an attack you have a 30% chance to finish the cooldown on Shock and make your next Shock a critical hit.
Energized Shocks increase the rate at wich your force regenerates by 15% for 20 seconds.

- Blood of the Sith: (Dark Ward pre-required talent)
When Dark Ward is active, the rate at wich your force regenerates is increased by 5/10/15%.
In addition, each time your Dark Ward loses a charge, the damage of your Lacerate, Trash and Assassinate is increased by 10% per charge, stacking up to 3 times.

This would reduce their effectiveness in PvP while keeping them in a great position for PvE tanking.