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Acceptable spec, build, and rotation for a pvp assassin

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Acceptable spec, build, and rotation for a pvp assassin

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04.10.2012 , 09:48 AM | #21
If you are having issues killing with an infil/deception assassin

- improve gear (very gear dependent class)
- relic/adrenal/recklessness spam. use them all at once and go to town (our sustained dps is low, if u dont kill them in 5-6 attacks voltx2/maul/shock/discharge/assassinate you will probably be out of force and it's too late
- sneak attack targets at low health
- taunt! it won't help you kill anything ,but it will keep your support alive longer
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04.10.2012 , 09:49 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by trevisfet View Post
I play a tanksin 31/10/0 and i absolutley love it! Im currently level 46 and go for nothing but defense shield and absorption,yes the dps is a little soft but my survivability is better than any. i have yet to come out a 1v1 situation with a loss its hilarious watching 4 guys pound on me while i murder one of them then stealth out. Shock, Wither , Thrash, Shock, Spike,Stun, Force Lightning (repeat) You can live forever on just this. God forbid you get some heals GG
Pre-50 PvP is totally different than at 50. You won't be very effective with defensive stats on your pvp gear at 50.

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04.10.2012 , 09:51 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Zintair View Post
I say this to all the other DPS Sins, I LOL at your 4k crits. I'll save my Resilience for some real burst damage.
And I get to counter your 45s CD with a 15s CD Lowslash when I see you turn yellow all over and just let it run out. Of course, you could break it with a 2m cooldown...but trading a 45s CD and a 2m CD for a 15s one is a pretty good trade. And I still get to land my crits when it's over and you're better off saving the CC break for stun.

Good tank players commonly eat the dps players...but good dps players commonly eat the tank players, too. Practical application is more about skill and specific situational conditions than it is about the specs.

If everything is fair and equal, yeah, the tank spec *should* win, but the equally good dps spec player won't let it be possible to win by huge margins - their bag of tricks will plow through most of their health bar before running out of gas.

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04.10.2012 , 10:02 AM | #24
All classes and each skill tree is viable.

The only thing not viable is a poorly played character.

Choose whichever you think will provide the funnest playstyle. People (on forums) get so caught up in numbers and survivability.

I have a Battlemaster Deception Assassin (Chain Shock Spec'd) and I will say this... I find gameplay very rewarding (fun). You will never have the highest damage numbers at the end of WZ and you will die more than most. You should however be in the top tier in # of kills though. You do have lots of CC and stuns to control 1v1 fights.

Your Main Objective is to play like a real life assassin. Find a specific 'mark' and kill that player. You are not like a marauder who can do lots of damage to multiple players. Your at your best killing/distracting the other teams healers, 1v1 and finishing off players with less than 65% health.

Of course all of this boils down to the fact that I enjoy utilizing the survivability mechanics deception assassins have as oppossed to just being able to take damage, respawning 5 - 10 times in any given warzone does not bother me and I like melee-burst-dps playstyle

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04.10.2012 , 10:05 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by nToxiK View Post
Pre-50 PvP is totally different than at 50. You won't be very effective with defensive stats on your pvp gear at 50.
why is that? i understand that expertise probably becomes more of a main stat at 50 but will defensive stats like shield rating and chance really be complety useless? ive actually been planting a bomb before and had an op shoot at me twice with his blaster and i managed to deflect both shots while planting the bomb and succesfully planted it,uninterupted. so shield is definitley something i like and prefer to keep but i dont understand what would make it less effective?

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04.10.2012 , 10:30 AM | #26
As it is currently, going from an un-geared lvl 50 to playing against geared lvl 50s is like being a lvl 10 fighting a lvl 40 in open world pvp. The chasm between the two is truly absurd. I didnít get it either until I hit 50 with a toon. I had PvPíed 95% of the way up slow boating it. Going into a warzone, even sporting Rakata gear, I was completely ineffective. It became so bad most of the other team started to ignore me and that stung most of all since I had gotten used to consistently dishing out the top, or nearly the top, damage sub 50.

Thankfully 1.2 will close that gap some.

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04.10.2012 , 11:42 AM | #27
Id recommend playing all of the builds at least a little so you know how they are played and can counter it with whatever you choose. When im darkness (tank) I completely stomp most deception (dps) sins and when Im deception I can counter a darkness sin.

99 percent of the time im 31/0/10 Darkness (im the premade ball carry and support).
This spec really gives you the best of everything.

Huttball - you can put your full tank on and carry the ball if needed and can defend very well with good fire pulls. If you dont need to carry just put on your dps set and you are good to go as well.

Civil War - I always wear full dps gear on this map and go to the right side turret at start. If they send 1 average player I have the node no problem. If its 1 decent player I can still usually take it without too much trouble. Even if it is 2v1 I can sometimes win or call for my healer to drop from mid and we take node. If they send 4-5 you just stealth sap them all while your team gets the other nodes and can support you.

Voidstar - Usually full dps gear (always for attack) but the spec also lets you go full tank and guard your healer while defending if they have a good team. I have held off 6 people with my healer while in full tank gear against some of the best republic on our server.

As for damage, yeah im usually not going to blow through a healer if they are good but I can put pressure on them while also AOE damaging their team. You will do more sustained damage but dont let people full you into thinking there is no burst. Get 2 stacks harnessed darkness with an energize proc then pop your recklessness (sorry I dont know repub terms.) Highest ive seen this do was a 4500 shock followed by 2200 force lightning tics and then 4800 assassinate. That is 18k damage in 6 seconds (just enough time to whirlwind a healer and kill his buddy). Granted you wont see this all the time as this person wasnt full gear but you can expect 3-4k shocks and 1500-2000 force lightning ticks on non tanks.

As for utility you have tons. You can guard your healers, taunt enemies to reduce damage, peel enemies off your healers with your pull, and most importantly survive long enough to be a part of the fight.

But as I said in the beginning I would try all three trees and see what works for you.
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