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Devs - Please Address Server Que


ShaggNasty's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 01:43 PM | #1
Dear Developers,

Please address your SWTOR community on server ques. Let us know what your plans are for repairing the issue. WILL YOU HAVE SERVER TRANSFERS? Will they be forced? Optional? Free?? What should whole guilds do that have already invested 100s of hours (combined) on progression? You are surely going to need more servers, even if you do not have a solution let us know that you are aware of the issue and are looking into resolving it!

This game is great, it is innovative and the first in its class. Its launching MMO's into a complete different direction. I think you all are doing a pretty good job considering the huge demand, just a moment of your time to address us and give us some feedback or suggestions for what could be done. Many people are dealing with ques for hours.