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Hit detection lag

ghullg's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 06:24 AM | #1
No matter what class I use I notice there is a real issue between when I fire a weapon (or swing a melee weapon) and when the enemy registers damage. It's not an internet lag issue either as it always happens and never gets any better or worse and my network latency is always somewhere between 25-40ms. This is easily repeatable for me to experiment. Take my trooper and fire his gun one time. My trooper instantly fires, the cascading numbers start flying stating what kind of damage I'm doing to the enemy but his HP bar doesn't move. About 1-2 seconds later it will drop after I've stopped shooting. While this is just a slight annoyance when engaging a single mob it's terrible when fighting multiples. What I find happening frequently is say a mob has 100hp left, you attack and a "110" cascades down meaning the mob should be dead. Instead he's still alive so you use another attack only to find him suddenly drop but now you've wasted a CD and have to move onto the next mob wasting rage, ammo, etc.