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Why haven't you fixed Shadow/Assassin's Training?

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Why haven't you fixed Shadow/Assassin's Training?
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04.08.2012 , 02:48 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Aariok View Post
Not at all. I have more than enough money. I'm just saying that 250 more hitpoints is kinda... Meh.
I mean, it just seems like a lot of the other classes class buffs actually do something. 250 hitpoints after leveling and ranking up the skill is such a paltry amount. It's barely noticeable.
And....It's something other classes don't have (in the same context). My qeustion is...why are you arguing about an extra 250 health? Don't forget that it's per RANK. 3 ranks = 15%. 4 ranks = 20%.

Who WOULDN'T want to be able to buy more endurance. It's not like they dropped the uber cool one button win skill and replaced it with this.

it's health that you don't have to itemize for, you don't have to spend talent points on, and the credits are made back in one days worth of dailies.

...if you don't want it, ill take it on my juggernaut any day of the week friend.

to the OP: the tooltip for the skill is worded correctly. it is not ambiguous. the damage readout on project is whats incorrect, and they are currently working on it. They are probably not being secret as much as they are correcting it and adding it to the huge list of "bugs" that they are fixing.

at the PAX panel it was mentioned that the list of bugs is over 1200 fixed in 1.2 alone (iirc). i doubt that they're going to go out of their way to point out your "special" bug when there's probably hundreds of corrected bugs that other people are interested in as well. I doubt they have the dev time to address them all in the forums.
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