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Classes story lines - general info

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Classes story lines - general info

Quetesh's Avatar

04.07.2012 , 06:25 AM | #1
I'm interested in a general line about the classes story lines.

I know the Sith Inquisitor story
I play the Sith Warrior story line.

I heard about the Agent as having an espionage based story.
I heard that the bounty hunter has a story centered about revenge.

Could you please give me in very large lines (no spoilers) about the rest of the classes story lines?

Also I would like your personal opinion on how much did you enjoy the story and also the companions.

The reason why I ask is because I want a casual alt for when I want to take a break from my Sith Warrior.

Thanks for anyone who answers.

namelless's Avatar

04.07.2012 , 06:37 AM | #2
Smuggler: Personal story that involves being either an intergalactic Robin Hood(LS) or Dick Turpin(DS).
Enjoyment: Reasonably fun, storyline is mediocre after act 1, but the smuggler's characterisation and dialogue choices make up for it. Also i'd say this one has the best Act 1 nemesis by far
Companions: Gus and Risha are fun, the others are very bland

Consular: An intergalactic diplomat/Retirement home handler.
Enjoyment: Act one is very boring, especially leveling along side a friend's Jedi knight. All of the twists are predictable and yet your character works them out a planet or two later. It gets better in Act 2, especially Balmorra, i thought that was well done.
Companions: Either uninteresting or very annoying

Jedi Knight: Mary Sue hero, saves the world from darkness, etc, etc.
Enjoyment: Pretty fun, it's an over the top hero adventure. You go from planet to planet saving them from impending doom.
Companions: Very good, much better than the Consular companions. Doc and Kira are probably my favourites.

I'm only half way through Act 2 with my Consular/Knight combination(leveling with a friend), so it may change.
Elagabalus- Sith Sorcerer(alt)
Commodus- Scoundrel(main)