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OP force users and sith totally NERFED SNIPER

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OP force users and sith totally NERFED SNIPER

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04.05.2012 , 12:44 PM | #11
What the op wants is a 300m range shot that ignores los, hits for 20k, can be used out of cover and its an insta cast that after impact does an aoe that's hits everyone in the wz for 14000 Dmg each
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04.06.2012 , 04:13 PM | #12
[/COLOR]QUOTE=trevah;3762880]Right? I knew what this skill did before I rolled sniper.

"This kind of blatant ignorance needs to be ignored
OP: If you took the time to research your class instead of writing that fantastically long essay, you would be better. Yes, snipers are hard, squishy, and complex. Yes, we aren't entirely balanced. But if you think that a 3 page rant will magically change BW's mind about their balancing priorities, you are delusional."

1. If you remain silent then nothing will ever have the chance to change, this the phase " suffer in silence". And while i dont expect a single vioce to change anything, a chior can influence the masses especially when you appeal to specific issues and give them an idea of where they can make improvements with a reward that they seek. Its basic phsycology, unlike you with your insults. I mean really ?! Get out much?
2. You sound like a butt hurt developer because I dare to question mechanics and suggest that something is flawed.
3. Just because you pour over every thread or spend hours data mining for nuggets of wisdom ( maybe you should spend more time on personality) doesnt mean everyone else does.

4. I wrote a single post with all of my concerns and suggestions for inprovement after many hours of play and talking to others that had similar concerns and suggestions. While it may have been long winded I found it useful and theraputic and frankly dont give a rats 455 what you think.

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04.06.2012 , 04:18 PM | #13
you still need to l2p though

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04.06.2012 , 04:22 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by jbuschell View Post
What the op wants is a 300m range shot that ignores los, hits for 20k, can be used out of cover and its an insta cast that after impact does an aoe that's hits everyone in the wz for 14000 Dmg each
Actually If you had paid attention, i had said that while I didnt expect the range to be exasperatingly far, a reasonable increase would be morein line with the class.
I figure a 40-45m range would be reasonable, problem is is that when Devs have a favorite class to play on their own or cater to a certain demographic they seem to leave a lopsided battlefield which always tilts in their favor.

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04.06.2012 , 05:46 PM | #15
Okay, I'll play the neutral side in this and not simply state that you need to L2P without at least giving some advice. (I'm bored)

1) Force users really are not overpowered, as they have disadvantages.
The same can be said about any class; all have their own advantages and disadvantages. All have their direct counters.

Is the game perfectly balanced: No.
Does it need tweaks here and there: of course.
The game has only been out for a couple months.

2) I'm assuming your talking about Huttball in regard to your entire post. So with that in mind, being a Sniper has a great deal to do with positioning. If your down below near the ball, your going to have a hard time. instead get up on the upper levels. prepare the shots (explosive probe when they're buisy, Ambush-FT will make them hurt. Leg Shot and SOS and anyone who inst a tank will get either really nervous, or panic. If someone is coming for you, see what they are; BH, sorc, assassin, marauder, etc and act accordingly. (see note 3)

3) No force user, or any class for that matter, is immune to all of your effects all the time. Learn about the other class' and watch for the animations that results in either A) damage reduction (shields, bubbles, etc), B) become immune, or nearly immune to CC, root, Snares or C) just what they're doing. learning what they do and when they do it will give a you a massive edge against them.

4) Effect Not Found, it's annoying. there's no word it's going away. going to have to deal with it like the rest of us. is it 'fair;' no.

5) Cover Screen does 3 things:
A) Increases ranged defense by 20%
B) Allows you to cast specific abilities (Ambush, SoS, Cover-Pulse, etc)
C) Gives you a buff that makes it impossible to be interrupted.
It does not say anything about CC/KB invulnerability

Entrench does however, make you immune to everything except damage. They cannot CC you, interrupt you, knock you back, or anything that makes you loose control of your character.

6) I'm not going to comment on range, as i don't really care. we have our range, it's our range for a given reason. Balance. we have a small 5m advantage with our Sniper Rifle attacks (Ambush, Snipe, Followthrough).

I read the updates to the new 1.2 mechanics and NO suprise the sniper gets nerfed even more
please explain your reasoning behind our 'nerf'.
We are getting much needed changes to all three of our tree's.
Imperial Assassin now is 3 points instead of 5, same overall effect
Sniper Volley completely changed to make it very valuable, maybe even essential. Entrench is getting a 60% reduction in AoE dmg.
i will not comment on Engineering tree as i have no experience with it, but from a general consensus based on opinions of Snipers I've asked, say the changes are still nice.
Cull Energy reduced (the weapon damage portion of the ability has been reduced, but that accounts for 1/3-1/4th of the damage (correct me if I'm wrong) so it's of little concern.))
Free weakening blast
New talent. Lingering toxins. so your not effectively neutered if anyone purge/cleanses your poisons.

Yes lethality gets minor tweaks, no nerfs, from a couple different talents/abilities. That's called balance.

REDUCED COOL DOWN TIMES WHILE MY COOL-DOWNS ARE INCREASING IN DURATION..or at least the points that i use to reduce cool-downs are even more pointless because now instead of 7.5 points I get only 2.5 secs in reduction. you might as well take the ability or choice away to reduce cool-down because when the cool-down is 30 seconds or more to begin with is a total drop of 5 stupid seconds really worth taking?
what are you talking about. be specific. Being angry about CD reduction, 7.5 points getting 2.5 sec doesnt mean anything without context.

STOP making me roll away from my perch to a spot behind objects that prevent me from being able to even SEE my target that is just on the other side.. what the hell is the point of getting behind a pylon or a waist high wall if I cant use it from which to engage a target.
Crouch in place

I'm sorry, that's the best i can do for you. i stopped reading after the 'stop nerfing snipers' as i lost interest in the rant.

Aehgo's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 07:18 PM | #16
First off pvp has to be balanced so giving one ranged class extra distance isn't going to happen.
Secondly I think you aren't playing your class right.I hate fighting snipers 1v1 because of how quick they can burn me down and they have awesome dots that often kill people after fights.
Thirdly you have like 2 or 3?Instant CCs that are awesome in pvp.
Snipers are definately on par with sages/sorcs and mercs/mandos in my opinion,they are hard to master but when you can play it well its one of the best damage dealers in the game.
Whats your specc anyway?

flem's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 11:08 PM | #17
L2P I'm afraid. The only force user that should be giving you big trouble is the Shadow/Assassin tank. Against 2 of the other 3 ACs you should win pretty handily.

If you're getting leaped to you've already done something wrong.
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