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Alt suggestion

Hobothesis's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 08:53 PM | #1
So I have a lvl 26 sith assassin that I made after getting my mara to 22. I like the assassin a lot more right now but I'll give the mara another chance later. Thinking about making an alt to mess around on sometimes when I'm irritated by the assassin or whatnot and was thinking of a ranged class but not sure what type.

Healing would be a plus, but survivability I find more important; hence why I found my mara a tad frustrating at times. I looked around and see bh's can heal which seems cool and all, but also noticed a lot of talk about powertechs and how 'awesome' they are yet nobody seems to play them. Personally I don't mind playing an 'un-popular/weak class' (not saying powertech is those in any way, just that its underplayed) and I hear snipers are 'weak' yet nobody ever seems to clarify as to why.

So far on my assassin I can solo heroic 2+ with ease regardless of what spec I am, the ability to stealth around and knock someone out for 1 min is great.

I havn't even pvp'd yet, and honestly don't really care about it right now. I've always been more of a pve player and tend to solo everything I can and only group when I must (IE heroic 4+/flashpoints, I'll never group for normal quests as I find other players only slow me down when I go into marathon mode =)

But yea, like I said I'm open to suggestions on a ranged class, pref. one that uses ranged weapons and not the force (sorc........just for the fact I'd have to go through all the same quests all over again, but if sorc is the 'one' then I woulnd't mind, prob just go roll pub then and deal with not having the ability to send stuff over =(

So the main issues being great in pve solo, able to withstand a lot by either tanking or healing through it(albeit BH regardless of AC get a healer as their first companion which to me nullifies the aspect of going merc i think it is) and being a ranged class of sort.

Thanks for any info you give whether good or bad =) I honestly don't care for the fact that assassin is the FoTM that I just happened to roll >.< but don't get me wrong, freaking love the class.

EDIT: Just looking at operative, and it seems to be able to heal aswell as stealth. How is it as far as the class itself goes? Is there a lot of gripe over it as there is the sniper (even though it seems sniper QQ is directed towards pvp and not pve, one being the long activation timers where a player could easily LoS the sniper.)

But the ability to heal myself/companion/others when needed, and being able to stealth around past mobs and unwanted areas seems key. If only an assassin could heal...hmmm but yea I honestly never looked into the agent department so I'm not sure what all it entails but cover seems pretty interesting. I love mass effect which is probably why I like the idea of it but don't want to make one then realize I wasted my time =(