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Marksman Sniper PvP Guide

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04.02.2012 , 05:51 PM | #11
Very well done guide. It was an enjoyable walk through. Thanks for putting it together.

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04.03.2012 , 08:18 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by uQQme View Post
To be honest I only get 300k+ around 33% of the time and my all time record is 380k.
I almost always get my 300k medal in full length matches, i usually get it around 11 minutes in huttball. My highest is just under 450k. And I rarely use AOEs, orb strike when it will do the most but I dont toss grenades much less alot are low. its a drain on energy that you could be using to put down a single target immediately. Once I get my BM stuff I should be about to break 5k on good days. Also its very rare i get the 5k medal hit, but it's irrelevant. things die fast enough. Especially if you line your burst combo up proper. Putting a un-bubbled sorc from 100-0 in one rotation is <3

Except of course....
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinFungi View Post
Yes, in a full duration match. This is of course not happening if my team is getting steamrolled.
because this always kill your numbers. I hates it

I skimmed the guide, very solid and I recommend it to anyone wanting to run this beautiful burst tree There are very few people I see with roll to cover and crouch bound seperatly. I applaud you for this. rolling to cover properly makes or breaks good snipers imo. You can dodge so much and repositioning between even levels on the environment is amazing
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04.05.2012 , 03:39 AM | #13
In a full duration PvP match I will pretty much always hit 300k damage, regardless of which WZ it is. If I'm able to sit still alot and DPS on Voidstar, and/or if Civil War results in a long battle at mid, I have been able to break 400k damage on a handful of occasions.

I think I may try a pure MMS spec, to see if I can increase these numbers. I'm currently using the popular MM/Eng hybrid spec that allows for a potent opening burst and slightly better energy management.

More recently, as I've acquired a partial BM gear setup, I've been able to get the 5k medal maybe half a dozen times, but not consistenly. I assume speccing for the extra 30% damage on a few of our core talents near the top of the MM tree would make 5k pretty easy from my Ambush.

Anyway - great guide.
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