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What are you going to do about server populations?

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What are you going to do about server populations?

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04.02.2012 , 04:05 PM | #1
Today on Hedaar Soongh during afternoon hours I waited over an hour for a group of 3 to Queue up for a Warzone. There were 5 Republic Players on Ilum, and less than 20 on Republic Fleet. I'm on a PvP server and here to play against other players. So here is the big question.

What are you going to do about rapidly diminishing server populations?

Please tell us. And I hope you do something soon. I have a guild of 115 players (counting alts) and we would love to have some PvP combat happening. Some open world PvP, some warzone PvP, a fight on Ilum.. anything. People can say to grind a toon on another server, but come on.. really? Some of us have several toons here. We dont want to waste that time and effort. Are we going to combine any servers anytime soon? You could probably combine all of the east coast PvP servers and barely get a heavy population at this point.

I've been here since beta, so please dont tell me this game is growning. Something needs to be done fast so that the players you still have stay long enough to see growth. We are coming up on 6 months soon and of those that subscribed for 6 months there are a large amount saying they will not re-subscribe if this game is still like this. This game needs to be competetive fast. PvP will die without it and PvE may follow.

Please respond with what is being planned to fix this issue.
Gemaco Horn
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04.02.2012 , 04:11 PM | #2
Hello Gemaco,

We appreciate feedback, both positive and negative but because a thread about this topic already exists, we'll be closing this thread in order to consolidate discussion. We encourage you to join the existing discussion here:

Server population is dropping...