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Catalyst Beta Driver 12.3 issue.

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Coolits's Avatar

03.03.2012 , 06:35 AM | #11
I have two 6870's in crossfire and had exactly the same issue as the op with 12.2 pre-cert.

According to the ATI twitter the 12.2 pre-cert driver is identical to the official driver they are going to release except for the windows certification so it looks like the next official driver is not going to work with SWTOR either.

Official Catalyst 12.2 release will be out early next week - it's identical to 12.2 Pre-Cert (just with Windows logo)
Taken from TWITTER

MoD_Legion's Avatar

03.13.2012 , 12:30 PM | #12
I installed the Catatalyst 12.2/12.3 drivers that where released this week, with AA on high there is severe graphics corruption of anything that has something to do with transparancy (messes up z-order, missing pixel chunks). Turning AA off/setting it on low fixes it though. Uploaded a picture here

OctavianC's Avatar

04.02.2012 , 10:59 AM | #13
Crossfire still not working with those drivers either...