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Duo and Group class questions.

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Duo and Group class questions.

Saryk's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 10:57 AM | #1
Duo and Group class questions.

The son and I have created our characters. He made a Jedi Knight and me a Jedi Consular for our duo and he will go Guardian and I will go Sage.

With our companions will we be able to handle flashpoints? Or will we need to get more live people?

My brother in law and his son also own the game so it will be my son and I, plus those two for a full group.

My questions are these:
Can we have two Jedi Knight and two Consular but with different sub classes and be efficient in flashpoints?
Or would it be better to have one person for each class?

My only experience with flashpoints was with PUG in beta. Also I am not looking for the best, just so we are efficient.

My plan is that I will have 4 main characters.

My solo Bounty hunter, Jedi Consular with my son for when we play and a character with my brother in law (another duo) and one character for the full group.

Thanks in advance!

DentMasterson's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 11:21 AM | #2
You can be effective with two knights and two consulars. Just make sure that you have a dedicated healer and tank. After Esseles it gets difficult without these two.