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Commendation switches.

Argyxia's Avatar

03.30.2012 , 01:07 PM | #1
So, I hope this is the correct place to post this forum otherwise direct me to a better one, please and thank you.

So in the next patch I know that world of warcraft would do this sometimes. My question is, will in the next patch there be a trade from tionese into Columi Commendations, Columi Commendations become Rakata and so forth?

If you know anything about this please comment, thank you for your time.

Codek's Avatar

03.30.2012 , 02:12 PM | #2
Was there a point to doing this in WoW? I'm glad I quit before any of this took place but I am wondering what was the reasoning behind this kind of an idea?

It just seems like a lame shortcut to give people gear...

Also, no, I have not heard of anything like this for swtor.