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Mission rewards

Thangunis's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 06:57 AM | #1
Hi community,

often after finishing missions you can ask for more reward or tell the poor guy whose family you just rescued (yes I play Republic) that you don't need a reward etc.

Does it really make a difference in how much reward (credits/experience) you get? Or is it just roleplay?

FlippinFlapJack's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 07:05 AM | #2
I don't believe it makes a difference it what you get but I could be wrong. It does, however, affect the amount of affection your companion has for your character.

If you're a trooper and demand a reward for saving 500 innocent lives, you're companion isn't going to think to highly of you.

However, if you are a smuggler and are only in it for the money, it is likely your companion is too so he/she/it might see the demanding of a reward as a good thing and altruism as a sign of weakness.

Although I could be wrong about all of this.

Veniras's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 07:07 AM | #3
I doubt it makes a difference.

I would LOVE for it to do (and in amounts that MATTERS). So you have a real choice to make between RP'ing/affection/reward.

Eternalnight's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 07:12 AM | #4
For whatever gear and such it does not seem to make difference at all. It's always the same.

You can however make some difference to how much credits you make with conversation choices, but this is really insignificantly small amount of credits compared to what you otherwise earn at the same level.

matthiaskotor's Avatar

03.29.2012 , 07:04 PM | #5
Also sometimes demanding or turning down a credit reward gives LS/DS. But other than that and affection, no, there is no real effect.