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I'm level 50! Now what?! I'LL TELL YOU "WHAT"!!

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I'm level 50! Now what?! I'LL TELL YOU "WHAT"!!

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03.29.2012 , 09:16 AM | #201
Quote: Originally Posted by Danylko View Post
So after about a month and a half, I hit level 50 on one of my characters. Yes, it took me a month in a half. If I did not focus on other characters, I might have done it within a month but this is all with what I consider "casual" gameplay (aka, play when I have free time). When I hit 50, I was at the previous planet before the last one for my class quest and have already been diverted for a bonus series on another planet.

But after looking at this forum, I have to ask just how in the HECK are people "bored" and say there is "nothing to do" after they reach 50? There is soooo much to do, even after you hit 50. Let me give you guys some ideas:

1.) Did you even finish your class quest at 50 or did you finish it before 50? If you finished it before 50, go ahead and finish up the story. Don't just stop at 50 and say "Oh great, I'm 50.. now what do I do? I don't want to keep questing". Even do the side bonus quests for each quest you have. It will help you gain Legacy XP for later on!

2.) How about all the quests you have left in your quest journal? Maybe you should consider clearing them out before you say your "bored" and there is "nothing to do". Even some of the easier quests... you never know what they may offer in a reward.

3.) Do you seriously have ALL the high end gear for end game? Probably not. How about start grinding up those high end comms to get the gear. This will surely take a while to do with PvP and Dailies.

4.) How about your companions? They ALL have stories too, you know? It's almost literally impossible that you have reached 50 and did ALL your companions stories to max level affection! I'm interested in their stories too, you know!

5.) What's your social level? Mine is 1. I really would like to eventually get to IV or V but I know that's not going to happen over night... So go ahead and farm a Flashpoint with a full group or help others out on Heroics. More than likely, you are Social level III.. unless of course, you leveled with 4 different players at the same time from 12am-12am EVERY day since the game came out. There is some really cool High Level Social Gear, you know!

6.) What do your guildies need? Help with Flashpoints? Heroics? How about getting any level 50s in your guild and do the end game Operations together? Or even just lending a guildie a helping hand on one of their quests at later levels, so they can catch up quicker. Heck, even at earlier levels. They may take a hit on xp but they will get there sooner or later to level 50. Maybe there is even a Flashoinbt you forgot to do!

7.) Did you find EVERY datacron on EVERY planet you can visit? If not, go back and do this! Lots of them are frustrating to retrieve, so it may take a couple hours out of your gameplay time to figure out the strategy to retrieve these!

8.) Space! While space isn't the best in this game, there are lots of space missions. Go ahead, and do them. You may actually find them fun to do and may get into a whole different game in SWTOR.

9.) Alts: You're bored? Did you start an alt? Go ahead and do so! There are EIGHT different stories in this game (actually, there might be sixteen different stories, depending if you go light side or dark side for each class.. I'm not even so sure myself). Get all your alts to 50, finish their stories, finish their companion's stories, have them readily available for their needs to your guildies and friends! Do this for both Republic and Empire! It will surely take you longer than that 2 weeks it took you to get "bored".

10.) Crew skills: If you have alts, get yourself all the various crew skills for each alt. I believe, you can do so with 6 different alts and there also looks to be some random crew skills that are not "needed" towards the main ones. Do these, and max them all out! It may cost you a few credits to do it, but it will be worth it (despite people saying crew skills are worthless now, have them maxed out for later on when they matter). Heck, you may even find yourself more interested in taking that toon towards the story.

11.) Codex: Have you discovered everything in the Codex?! Maybe it's time you go back to planets and discover all you can in the Codex. For me, personally, I would be very interested in the exploring. Finding Lore Objects, getting the beast entries, doing all the datacrons, getting whatever titles I can, etc.

12.) World Bosses: How about the World Bosses? Even if you decided to take them down "as you went along" with your class quests, maybe you can go back and get a group together or become part of a random group and try them again! They could possibly drop different/random rewards that you have not seen yet!

13.) Companion Gear: If you have all the high end gear for yourself, then great! You're already ahead of the game then! But what about your companions? I'm not even sure what use they have for end game, but I think it would be quite cool if you showed them some love and geared them up as high as possible! After all, you and your companion may have been through a lot during your class quest. They deserve that end game gear too! (please note: I am *not* suggesting that you roll "Need" on group quests for your companions)

14.) Valor: Not everyone was fortunate enough to gain max level Valor during that period where people were able to farm Valor due to an Illum bug. Go out there, PvP as much as you can, get your Valor points and max it out! Do this, for each of your characters!

15.) Dailies/Weekly: Finally, but definitely not last, go and do your Dailies and Weekly missions. Do the Flashpoints, HM Flashpoints, PvP Warzones, Illum PvP Zone and Operations! Plus whatever else is offered! This alone will definitely keep you busy!

There ya have it, my guide to the 15 things you can do to cure your boredom in this game. (Waiting on forum trolls to come in with some retort now)

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1: i finished my class quest as lvl 49.

2: mission log was empty 2 hours after i hit 50.

3: full rakata on main(corso riggs with 4 parts rakata, rest columi) alt allmost full columi.

4: around 2 weeks after i hit 50 all companions had maxed affection(my worst geared is the chewbagga one he only got full centurnion gear)

5: social system is broken atm, lets hope its get fixed so there is a point is lvling it too.

6: i am raidleader, our guild is 10/10 16 man nightmare mode, our worst geared only miss 3 rakata items(we are trying to get on ptr server as a guild to do some testing/raiding there.

7: this was personal goal for me, had over 50% of them before i hit 50 and got rest of them the folowering week.

8: i have done alot spacemissions and when i lvled and i got new ones and i more lvls they was ok funny but after you hit 50, they just get old very fast and there is so few to do.

9: got a guardian and jedi sage alt lvl 50,(guardian soon BM like my main) and ofc crew skills, since biochem is atm the must have crew skill i lvled an alt only to have that crew skill.

10: see point 9.

11: codex are so bugged, acording to codex system thre is 61 epic enemys yet i soon got 80 epic enemys o0 ? allso i cant get the ones from dromund kass as i am republic but the codex system still says i need them, no reason to grind codex like a madman until most of the major mistakes is fixed.

12: killed every single one of them and have soloed allmost 50% of them(low lvls are nice to solo farm for epic gear for alts or selling)

13: as stated in point 3 and 4 all of the companions i use is columi geared or better(benefits of being a raidleader )

14: mian is BM, guardian is vey soon BM too, and when i got my bm gear for the guardian i should be doing my sage but pvp is getting abit boring for me atm(i just need a a break i think)

15: dailys are imo notting but slack from devs side something easy to make from the devs just to give peeps something to do, they should get removed from the game as more content comes to life but it seems from 1.2 notes that they actually use dailys as content o0. and then again with full rakata gear on main, pve dailys are pointless so are pvp as he is bm too and fully geared, and the guardian is allso bm and got 1 of the pve items from him and those dailys are getting so boring after you done them 200 times.

givf me more points please this is too little to do.