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Qui-Gon Jinn: How Pure Is He Really?

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Qui-Gon Jinn: How Pure Is He Really?

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03.27.2012 , 08:44 PM | #11
And as far as the Imperial Knights go, they're grey Jedi, and luckily, the Fels are pretty cool people and not ***holes like former Emperors.

Oh, and they wear the coolest Armor EVER.
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03.28.2012 , 06:16 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Toonimator View Post
From Wookieepedia:

"Despite not drawing on the dark side, the Imperial Knights were said to not strictly follow the light side either, obeying the orders of the Emperor before anything else. As such, the Jedi viewed the Imperial Knights as "gray". The Imperial Knights were also considered Gray Jedi by the Jedi Order due to the Jedi's belief that they did not truly follow the way of the Force."

They served the Force as embodied in the Emperor, rather than the Force itself, so their allegiance to the Emperor DOES have to do with their being viewed as Gray by the Jedi Order.
I was looking at that same wikipedia page when I posted.

I guess I found the introduction to that paragraph to be more telling.

"The Imperial Knights were trained in many of the same philosophies and techniques as the Jedi, but differed markedly in their credos and method. The Imperial Knights viewed the Force as a tool–a powerful one to be respected, but not one that they spent time contemplating and meditating on. "

Their idea of the force is fundamentally different from the Jedi. They put the emperor before the force because they have have no mystical ideology surrounding the force and therefor have no reason to put it before anything. Ideology and practice is what defines a person's alignment with the force, not allegiance to a given ruler.

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03.28.2012 , 07:19 PM | #13
Ideology may determine their OWN alignment, but my point was the Jedi Order itself considered them gray largely because they put the Emperor above the Force. That was possibly the biggest problem the Jedi had, and all the other issues stemmed from it.

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03.29.2012 , 08:10 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Datamonger View Post
So each time I watch through Episode I, I notice more and more how Qui-Gon is a rebel to the Jedi way. I'll notice one more example of how he lied, cheated, or disobeyed a direct order from the Council. It's not very obvious, because he is still a Jedi and on the side of good, but he does have his dark moments. I think it's very interesting, and even somewhat amusing.
What dark moment are you talking about? Insulting Jar Jar, cheating at the pod race? No one ever said that being a Jedi meant being nice. Also the council is the Jedi governing body and ultimate authority on Jedi doctrine. But that doesn't mean they know to an absolute certainty what the Force is telling them or what the nature of the force is. The Council has interpreted and reinterpreted the code and there have been various schools of thought about the force that have persisted then been replaced as the make up of the council changes. Qui-Gon is a rebel but his actions aren't dark in that they are evil. For example, him cheating at the pod race allowed him to liberate Anakin from slavery (he couldn't have known how that would turn out) and get Padme to Coruscant. His desire to train Anakin turned out ultimately to be right, except even Yoda states that the interpretation of the prophecy about the "chosen one" could have been misinterpreted. So until it actually came to pass, Yoda and Qui-Gon were equally right given the evidence at hand.
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