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Leveling guide? - PvE only

BurningRage's Avatar

03.23.2012 , 07:18 PM | #1
So I am debating between an assassin and a jugger for my first toon so I thought I would look to see if there are any leveling guides for assassins for the PvE dps'er

I have found lots of PvP talk, but really nothing about PvE so I would really like a little help here. Namely looking for some spec/rotation help.


Pinkspawn's Avatar

03.23.2012 , 10:21 PM | #2
Err I don't know much about assassin DPS, my assassin is level 30. But, I hear people saying deception is NOT the way to go. So madness is the leveling spec.

I think this is a good spec

Not sure though.

Don't know a good rotation though.

Hope that helped.

verfallen's Avatar

03.24.2012 , 01:09 AM | #3
Deception works perfectly well, so long as you keep a tank with you.

Darkness is probably easier, but I wouldn't call madness a much better DPS tree.

Mostly I suppose people fail at ressource and proc managing. But deception pack one heck of a punch. Just many people fail at playing it and gives the whole spec a bad name rather than do a much needed but also much more painful introspection on their e-peen level.

As far as rotation goes, it will end up like this:

Vicious slash x 2 (boost shock damage and reduce cost) ->shock rinse amd repeat until you get 5 stack of surging charge's discharge boost. Then :

Vicious slash x 2 ->recklessness -> shock -> discharge

In the middle of all this, you use maul whenever Exploit Weakness proc.

Fill with saber strike when low on force, use blackout in fight to boost your regen.

Imo, thats a very good DPS spec with good sustained damage and impressive burst if the proc time well. You however pay this by lacking on survivability significantly more than other DPS class, since you lack healing and heavy armor. Your tanking stance is a costly change force-wise and needs to be planned ahead.

If you go darkness (tank) it looks like that :

(pre-fight) Dark Ward-> shock -> discharge ->wither-> shock -> force lightning.

Discharge and dark ward are to be used whenever off CD, and you keep shock->wither->shock to get 3 stacks of harnessed darkness on the Force Lightning, boosting its damage substancially and healing you at the same time.

Some people throw in trash before shock to proc Energize. I personnaly do it at start when I have 2 stacks of HD up already, and thrash till energize proc. Then its : recklessness ->shock->force lightning. Gives impressive damage for a Tanking tree.

After that I don't bother till Recklessness gets off CD, since using thrash is a one way road to force starvation.

I have no idea bout madness rotation however.

Blarginflarg's Avatar

03.25.2012 , 11:04 AM | #4
i leveled as madness the whole way from 10-50 and i currently use the spec i ended up with when i hit 50(never had to modify my spec) this mostly comes from the fact that the spec is called madness and i saw that death field is a 3 target AoE that deals internal dmg(hard to mitigate) AND has a 30 yd range not to mention creeping terror also having it.

My "rotation" tho i would call this a priority system just like an enhance shaman. with all cds up and approaching a target i normally do

30yd=creeping terror(keeps them still and lets you find the best positioning to hit someone else as well), death field as i advance, discharge, shock, thrash then raze when it procs. I don't sit and look at the "perfect rotation" and madness has a very open end to them to choose what style/approach they wish to take with the dmg they deal. Hell i have killed someone by hitting maul 3 times EWmaul, ewmaul, maul, assassinate.

Currently my spec is
and i am very happy and wouldn't change anything about the class(unless you give me a heal through the legacy system plz....plz.)

i personally have turned at least 3 die hard darkness fans into madness fan boys due to me wrecking them in a match and them whispering me for my spec.

Its not that the spec is just all around good. Mechanically there is just so much going on with the spec that it is impossible to get bored with it. Like putting people in traps? Stealth in front of one knock em in electrocute and creeping terror and sprint over the trap to assassinate them at 30% for the killing blow, not to mention you just jumped over a pit of acid or fire trap while killing someone.

you have to dot watch which is one of the unfortunate parts but fairly easy due to Edischarge being spam-able.

My normal plan of attack is to find a healer and remove them from combat, by this i mean dot the **** out of them while tab discharging to keep pressure on the other guys in the area. Not to mention if a healer can heal you i can also hit you with death field and creeping terror to make the heals have less of an impact. I see this having more of an effect now that the heals are getting toned down.

The worst part of the spec is also killing healers tho. I know unless i am 100% CD ready with perfect choices on what to interrupt and i crit my assassinate i can kill a healer without much hassle but without that crit on assassinate you won't kill them.

In short i didn't really play the other specs(i have tried them at lvl 50 for a week each in order to give them a proper chance.). Considering other specs i would consider deception more fun then darkness. Darkness is a wonderful spec for auto piloting your way to valor 60 and giving jr players a chance against a pro deception or madness players who risk the exchange of survival for play style because they believe they have enough tools to keep them alive.

my last bit of advice is to keep your companion geared. Doesn't matter how good you are if your companion dies in 2 hits from a gold mob.

scottberg's Avatar

03.25.2012 , 04:52 PM | #5
I'm currently playing a level 26 deception build and so far I've had no issues. In fact for the most part I'd say things have been pretty easy with this build. I previously played a Sith Juggernaut to lvl 30, and for whatever reason I've had a much easier time leveling my Deception Assassin.

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03.26.2012 , 04:44 AM | #6
If you go Darkness, keep in mind that it doesn't really shine till you get into it a bit. So don't feel discouraged when you're lvl 16 and not just rolling like everyone may indicate that the class+spec should.
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Bloody_Niner's Avatar

03.26.2012 , 08:09 AM | #7
I m a big fan of madness and at lvl 39 my current build is:

Crazy thing is i really love the healing droid. Do ok with Khem and Andronikus but with the droid leveling in pve is really easy going! I dont have downtimes anymore between the fights.
Can only recommend that people give him a try.