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Help a bad tankassin please

ghardisty's Avatar

03.24.2012 , 05:03 PM | #1
Ok I cannot kill a jedi consular one on one in my tankassin I terrible or is this just the usual ? This is at level 50 and three pieces of stalker gear....they own me all the time. If you kill them please tell me the secret.

wtfnonamefree's Avatar

03.25.2012 , 05:41 AM | #2
First of all JC is a
base class, like Sith Inquisitor - it doesn't tell us which ac and spec you hve trouble with. It might be dps sages, heal sages or even your mirrors.

I just assume that you mean the sages, either dps or heal or even more likely a hybrid. Another thing you forgot to tell us is the situation - is it in the zerg of a wz or is it in a 1v1 situation?

If it is a 1v1 - do you just fail to kill him or is he even able to bring you down? Regardless of situation I can assure you, that they (i.e. sages) are not our counter or even hard to bring down (the hardest opponents imo are Pyro PT, mirror, anni mara in that order, everything else is food).

You say, that you run 3pc stalker - you should go for full stalker (or full survivor mainset remodded with stalker mods and IA or BH enhancements and stalker offset), and I take from that, that you're not yet geared - we are quite gear dependant, so it might be just that.

Apart from the gearing stuff, you should just browse our class forum to get a grip on our priorities/rotation in PvP. It's better to use the existing stuff - we already have several duplicates on tankasin gearing and gameplay in PvP. Better to use these, than creating another duplicate.

And you are certainly not 'terrible' - you ask for advice instead of qqing. So you are able to learn and improve.
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03.25.2012 , 11:42 AM | #3
agreed, we need a little more info before we can give solid advice. rotation is very important. if we are talking about open-world and not a warzone always take down or CC their companion first if they are a healer. also, i can tell you from experience that maxing out your biochem and getting all of your reusables is invaluable in pvp. the only rival is cybertech.

Truthizhere's Avatar

03.25.2012 , 05:41 PM | #4
If you are 31-10 then harnessed darkness is your best friend. It is unique because you can recharge force (over time of course) and heal yourself while doing massive damage. If a sage or shadow isn't getting away from your force lightning with 3 ticks, then they are prolonging the inevitable defeat. Full heal spec sages have to either heal OR DPS. You can heal AND DPS at the same time. Infiltration shadows can only DPS. Same with DPS spec sages (it's important that you keep closing the gap with them as with any ranged nuker). In the end as a darkness assassin, the longer the fight lists versus other light armor classes the bigger advantage you have. That advantage is because of HD and your rotation should always be about stacking the charges. Plus it looks cool to have a purple glow.