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Origin cancled my account

reverendsoze's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 08:41 AM | #1
I'm gonna hope for a little help here.

I preordered on 12/12/11 and yesterday, I got a message from Origin saying that my account was cancled since they were not paid after three days. I checked my account and they took out the five but nothing else. There has been no other charges or refunds on the account. I checked with a friend and they took the whole amount out at once as opposed to the wait as the Origin site says. The "redeem code" area is now dim. Because it said it was cancled, I figured user error is a possiblity, I bought it again. Now it appears that the game is locked into the original code because the new one won't work.

I've tried calling and the gentleman said he couldn't help me and that I should send an email, in which I did, but have seen where people have done that and gotten no response after 24 hours.

Sooo, any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.
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