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Accuracy and you?

Amberwalker's Avatar

03.22.2012 , 05:11 PM | #1
How important is Accuracy for the assasin i see it on all the gear but everything ive read says its not very important. What should my #'s be for accuracy?
What are the diminshing returns #'s for crit and surge?
currently i sit at 35% crit and 74% surge at 100% acc melee

Astarica's Avatar

03.22.2012 , 05:33 PM | #2
If you've 30% crit, going from 68% Surge (default BM/Rakata) to 75% is a 1.7% damage increase.

While Accuracy doesn't count for much, especially for Darkness builds, neither is 1.7% damage increase overall. If you're not Darkness build, you can assume melee attacks account for half of your DPS, and 5% accuracy is 2.6% DPS increase on anybody (since everyone has at least 5% defense). There's the consideration that Assassinate contributes toward a disproportional number of your kills relative to its DPS contribution, and that you probably lose a couple tenth of a % for each V25 version you pull out for V24 because you'll lose a point or two of Power/Crit per piece.

For PvE, you literally have no way to tell how much evade a mob has at this point so there's no way to make meaningful conclusion about the tradeoff.

Blarginflarg's Avatar

03.23.2012 , 01:34 AM | #3
sorry for not being able to scrounge up a link. I just wanted to say that i have heard they removed any extra defense so they have a base 10%(this is for any bosses.).

Without a link to give you for that i present you with this