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Spoiler : Balmorra: Bonus Series w/ Group Bonus

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Spoiler : Balmorra: Bonus Series w/ Group Bonus

Soulbadguy's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 03:53 AM | #1
First of all I have been enjoying the game and due to my current unemployment I've had plenty of time on my hands to play this game.

I appreciate that and the fact that I can go through the game , Solo and not have to think about finding some people I don't even know to group up with so I can defeat some super boss to continue on with the story.

However.. When I returned to Balmorra I find myself doing the missions and the "Bonus" Missions. This particular bonus mission has a few stages and I go about them as any other. Suddenly, Stage 3 requires me to defeat Apprentice Loell.

My character is 36th level and Apprentice Loell is a 36th level Sith with 79k hitpoints..
She is located in an Heroic area.

Im actualy disappointed in this because all this time I was doing bonus missions Solo and suddenly I am flopped with having to find people to help me complete the Bonus mission.

Obviously I could skip it and move onto the regular mission and most likely finish it Solo, but I don't think Apprentice Loell needs to be a Bonus Mission that requires me to find people and help to beat her.

I understand this is an MMO and I do group with people for some Heroic missions and Flashpoints, but I feel the Solo/Singleplayer part of the game shouldn't force me to suddenly find people to help me in completing a bonus mission. That's what other MMO's have done and it was always irritating.

Also! I don't feel so good when my "master" Jedi gets her arse kicked by some Apprentice.. . I understand for Heroic purposes it needs to be done, but I like to see that more one on one feel of you the character, fighting the other one.. Like Luke to Darth Vader. That's the epic feel !

Heroic missions usualy have a chance for groups and teams to find things and achieve Experience points. This Bonus mission is something where no one, except for me will realy benefit from it.

I think Solo/Singleplayer Story should remain for Single play and the Heroics/Group quests should be seperate from that.

I do hope not every bonus mission I do from here on out has this same thing. Right now there isn't alot of players in Balmorra and it's hard to get a group for any Heroics right now.

Regardless this is just a suggestion and something that should be addressed or considered.


Blackspectrecz's Avatar

01.01.2012 , 04:09 AM | #2
I did this bonus serie as a JK sentinel yesterday. I was level 40 and soloed this with Doc companion. Fight in the last stage was difficult, but it is definitely soloable.So my advice is go to another planet and return to Balmora when you have higher level. Some bonus series are intended for higher levels (Nar Shaddaa for example).

Porvalsh's Avatar

03.22.2012 , 09:29 PM | #3
I completed Loell as a level 36 Sawbones Smuggler. I DPS'd with shield up at the beginning to build aggro then had to heal/interrupt my way through the rest of the fight while tanking her.

The real problem is the final stage of this bonus series where you have to kill another Champion. That guy hits for like 3k and I am not in any way able to keep myself or my companion up. I will have to skip this guy.